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The Government Are Extremists.



You hold people hostage, you bribe them against their wish, you kill to protect a flag, you rape to stop a university strike, you go negotiating with those you call extremists, you lie openly on media, while the PM says there is a problem, four ministers speak to Anglophones in French denying the existence of the same problem. The president says Cameroon is bilingual but refuses to speak in English even in front of Commonwealth parliamentarians. SONARA is in Limbe but pays her taxes in Douala. (extremism of the heighest order). Even at the SONARA the two official languages are french and ewondo. Extremism is when a francophones says “tu faire qoui comme un bamenda comme ca”.

When a police officer in Awing speaks to my grandmother in French, that’s being a number one extremist. Extremism is when there is a natural sea port in Limbe but people go digging sand in Douala and Kribi to build a sea port. Extremism is when the Menchum falls that can generate electricity to the whole of West Africa is abandoned in favour of Mvele, Loum Panga and Mikin.

Extremism is when my parents tell me that West Cameroon once had one of the strongest economic institutions in Central and West Africa. Powercam, West Cameroon Bank, PWD, WADA, Tiko and Bali airports, Santa Coffee Estate and many more wers killed by Yaounde in order to render us economically powerless and depend only on them.

Extremism is the Mbouda-Bamenda road when in less than two months, a road was constructed to go burry one artist in the South Region precisely Lolodolph. Extremism is when Lawyers with degrees come out in a peaceful match, police men who couldnt defend their First School Leaving Certificates came and beat them like snakes. Extremism is when in a bilingual country, the currency is in one language.

By Solomon Ateh

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