Ambazonia Fighters and Muslim Community

Ambazonia Fighters and Muslim Community

Ambazonia is a land for everyone no matter the colour of our skin, our religion, the sound of our names, the tribes we come from. Thus, everyone is subject under the same laws. No one is more Ambazonian than the other.

The stereotype notion that Muslim and Fulani communities are blacklegs in our quest for freedom is completely false. When we do that we do exactly what Cameroun is doing against the so called Anglophones in today’s Cameroons.

Ambazonia will have of course minority groups as it happens everywhere in the world and such groups must be respected and accorded their rights.

A black leg is a black leg and has no name, religion, skin colour, looks, tribe etc. A black leg is just a normal citizen and human being doing terrible things against our freedom and must be treated as individuals and not community targeting and vice versa.

We have learned of the situation in Kumba at Housa Quarters between the Muslim community and Ambazonia fighters as a result of the lost of one of theirs. In true Ambazonia spirit, the Muslim community and the Ambazonia fighters met since yesterday and this morning and have resolved the issues. They all have promised to pursue internal peace as we battle Cameroun and put the interest of the Ambazonia nation first at all times. We also hope that the Ambazonia fighters will continue treating everyone who violates the laws of Ambaland as individuals in the strict sense of justice and fair play. We pray that the Ambazonia fighters continue to protect all communities including the Muslim communities who are part and parcel of the Ambazonia way of life and struggle for independence

The Ambazonia struggle is blessed with great Muslim scholars , Amba boys, lawyers, volunteers, doctors, citizens etc who like others are doing extremely very well to pursue the freedom of the statehood of the former British Southern Cameroons.

We continue to ask for understanding between our communities and Ambazonia fighters as the communities remain our first line of self defense and protection to our Ambazonia fighters. Let’s all join forces to make sure we send the beast (Paul Biya and Cameroun) out of Ambaland.

God bless Ambazonia
Short live the revolution

Mark Bareta

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bonnie

    March 15, 2019 at 12:08 AM

    True blood of Ambazonians are shed everyday,their villages burnt, genocide committed on their people,the Hausas, bamelikes have to earn respect,they cannot live happily in Ambazonia while sidelining with the regime and not joining Amba self defense, Ambazonians must not be naive to think that these immigrants are on their side,if they keep their mouths shut,respect ghosts town days,stop being agents of lrc, be patriotic to Ambazonia by joining self defense then they can gain respect otherwise our people will not die for them or answer to their communities demand,why should Amba boys even listen to them? Maybe if their homes are burnt down they will feel the pains of Ambazonians,if they are not happy about any situation,they should go back to their own slum francophone regions,they have no backbone to fight for their own Kamto,dirty greedy nyamfukas!

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