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Catholic Reverend Sister Spit Fire On Bishop Kleda: He Disgraced Himself




As an eye witness of Mgr Kleda’s visit to Kumba, and getting Infos from Mamfe, I wouldn’t say he was disgraced. The anglophones still have a lot of respect for their bishops. I would rather say, Mgr Kleda disgraced himself. I say so because while in Mamfe, they expressed that before their mission to the province, they were given the impression that only Catholics schools were closed. This means they went out to solve a problem they didn’t even know its depth. No proper findings made.

Secondly, Bishop Kome, in the meeting in Kumba, considered the people’s request for them to speak in English as an insult. This means he didn’t have a good knowledge of his audience. He failed to understand that his audience was a wounded people in need of healing; a people who feel marginalized because they aren’t French speaking. How could Mgr expect them to just take the French language as the normal language to use in addressing an anglophone problem?

Next, a normal academic year is nine months; we are in the sixth month of no school. What magic can be performed to recover what has been lost within this time? Even if children were to go back to school now, do they know the amount of time needed to psychologically heal them before they can be poised for learning? It’s not just about learning to write the GCE. It is about the human person. Much damaged has been done. Is the government putting in place strategies for repairs of these damages before new constructions? They claimed they wanted to handle just the school issue for now because it’s of paramount importance. No! The problems are entangled. Teachers are in jail, so who teaches the children? Parents in jail, so who pays fees for the children? Lawyers too detained, who handles our problems? Bike men in jail, who transports children to school? I could go on and on.

Lastly and most important, What became of the memorandum of the bishops of our province to the President? Why would such an important and enlightening document not be published in L’Effort? There were suggestions for a way forward in that document. What move has the government made as far as that document is concerned? Instead, the bishops have been dragged to court. Let’s be careful not to invite a curse on our land by taking this matter too simple. We need to stand up and condemn this act using the hardest words. This is no time for speaking the truth under the table. Everyone is aware of it. Let’s stand up for it

My dear people, like Archbishop Desmond Tutu, I reiterate, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you’ve chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality” Let’s go down in our knees and one day, justice will be done.

My humble views.
Sr. Vera Nayah Ndifoin

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