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Southern Cameroonians Home Front

Today, we continue our updates. While you were gone, something very big happened that has never happened in the history of Southern Cameroons Liberation struggle. Champion by Southern Cameroonians in South Africa, homeland of great Nelson Mandela in the person of Mr. Millan Atam, all liberation groups fighting for the restoration of Southern Cameroons Independence finally came together to form what is known as Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Consortium United Front – SCACUF.

These groups so far have held two conclaves in Nigeria which saw the election of Mr. Tassang Wilfred, program coordinator of the consortium as Secretary General of SCACUF, Mr. Boh Herbert from MoRisc as Spokesperson and Barrister Eyambe Elias as first Southern Cameroons Ambassador to the AU with headquarters at Addis Ababa. Other structures and leadership council were created.

However, while these groups are together as SCACUF, they still can operate in their respective organizations. We are told that in the days ahead SCACUF website will be launched with detail information.

SCACUF thereafter using its other structure SCAPAC in the USA has hired a US-based firm that will take La Republique to court for human rights violation as well as opening high-level channels for independence restoration. The retainer agreement is still to be signed.

The big news is that SCACUF has announced the election of an interim Prime minister in May. This PM will then form a government and start engaging other foreign governments towards Southern Cameroons Independence restoration. We await full details from SCACUF on how this will be.

It is fair to say that the people of Southern Cameroons have embraced SCACUF on good faith. They are excited about it and it is the position of BaretaNews that let Southern Cameroonians give SCACUF the young baby the opportunity to grow while constructively criticizing it to make sure it meets the aspirations of the people of Southern Cameroons.

So, therefore, my people, this is where we are. Stay tuned with BaretaNews

Mark Bareta
CEO BaretaNews

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