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No Elections in Southern Cameroons



No Elections in Southern Cameroons.

Today is the feast day of Saint Mark the evangelist. Let me evangelise now to the people of Southern Cameroons. We are keeping track of any La Republique actions that directly and indirectly bear on the people of Southern Cameroons. Few minutes back, President Paul Biya appointed another old crooked, a former governor to head ELECAM. We still maintain that no elections will take place in Southern Cameroons.

Southern Cameroonians should not register on any electoral register. When we all boycott and not participate in any of their elections, we are sending a sanction vote and telling them to know that they have no legitimacy over Southern Cameroons. As we call our MPs to return home, we cannot be seen to legitimise them again.

Any elections in Southern Cameroons will be fought block by block. The only election allowed will be a UN sponsored referendum so that the people of Southern Cameroons can peacefully determined their future or less as warned by the US CIA, an arm struggle becomes inevitable.

I have spoken

Mark Bareta
From Bui County
Southern Cameroons
Follow the struggle and not individuals

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