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Cameroun Has Lost Control In Southern Cameroons-SDF Declares



SDF Says Anglophone Regions Are Out Of Government Control

In a stunning communique released by the National 1st Vice President of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, the party narrates the circumstances surrounding the Kidnap and release of its National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi.

Hon Joshua Osih in a communique published in Douala on April 28, 2019, says contrary to the propaganda of the Government of Cameroon, the North West and South West Regions are completely out of Government’s control. He affirms that the North West and South West Regions are under the control of Ambazonian fighters (whom he called secessionists) and some militias, created and controlled by Government Ministers at the detriment of the population, now living under unbearable hardship.

On the circumstances surrounding the kidnap and release of the SDF National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, the party says no ransom was paid for his release and that he left Kumbo on Sunday April 28, 2019 for Bamenda safely without any escort from the forces of law and order.

The party indicated that Fru Ndi, while in the captivity of unknown individuals in Kumbo, was demanded to call back SDF MPs and Senators from Cameroon’s parliament but he refused. He would finally be released after several hours of persuasive interrogation.

Recalling it’s long standing position on the conflict in the North West and South West Regions, and efforts carried out by the party to end the conflict, the SDF condemned a meeting that held in Yaounde between certain newspaper publishers and government officials late Saturday April 28, 2019 to plan on how to ignore the kidnap of Fru Ndi in their publications.
SDF regrets that some newspapers are paid by Government officials to twist facts and tell lies, thereby tarnishing the noble journalism profession.

The party lashed out at Government officials, claiming that the kidnap of their National Chairman was framed. They highlighted that reports of the attacks on convoys of government officials in these regions, should be framed up stories, going by their narrative..

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