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Ambazonia War of Independence: Arbitrary Arrest, Looting in Kumba




Ambazonian War of Independence: Arbitrary Arrest, Looting in Kumba

By Mbah Godlove

Elements of French Cameroun’s military have continued to wreck-havoc in Kumba bearly a month after the brutal killing of seven school children in the city.

About 4:00 am breaking Thursday, November 26, a contingent of the said colonial forces drove an armored car into Kumba town.

Sources revealed to BN that the French Cameroun soldiers broke into several homes, terrorizing locals at gunpoint.

We also gathered that scores of persons were rounded up, while the property was equally looted.

The colonial soldiers labeled many a Kumba dueler as sell-outs who have refused to collaborate with them to recuperate the city from restoration fighters.

After failing to stop lockdowns and ghost town operations in Kumba, colonial uniformed men resorted to murder 7 school children in cold blood, so as to frame up Ambazonian fighters.

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