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10 Points For Ambazonia Independence by a German Activist



Mr. Christoph Hans Messner, is a German, who is also involved in the German resistance against the wrong way of New World Order. He has a university degree in educational psychology and will publish a political book in German soon called “World Pyramid of Power? Strategic questions to the Political Resistance”. He has strong interest in the fight for Ambazonia. He sent to BaretaNews these 10 action plans.

First, at the UN General Assembly,, the already acknowledged nationalist and separatist movement of „Southern Cameroons“ should be officially renamed into „Ambazonia Liberation Movement“ or better „Ambaland Nation“, because nobody takes a separation movement seriously, if it cannot even separate from the oppressor’s name, and because „land“ is sounding more like a full independent land and state and nation than only a „zonia“ or „zone“ in somebody else’s territory.

The UN General Assembly has 193 seats and 55 of them are African and the Ambazonia Independence Fighters need to convince all of them to vote for a new resolution on the Ambazonia case.

Second, the Ambazonia Liberation Movement (ALIM) and all other „Southern Cameroonian“ Independence Movements and Parties need to unite on the main demand which is full independence and they should box out all voices from their committees, who claim obedience and foul compromises with La Republique du Cameroun, because if you keep shaking hands with your oppressor, exploiter, enemy and if you don’t fully cut and separate with crooks and robbers, you will never gain anything! To reach this unity they need to organize councils, elections, and referenda, and if the winners of these are pro full independence then the losers, who still voted for staying in La Republique, have to sign their acknowledgment of and compliance with the new governing body of Ambazonia and its chain of command.

Thirdly, an Ambazonia TV/Radio channel has to be established, either from Nigeria or from the internet, which broadcasts the decisions and basic political educations of the New Ambazonian Government round the clock. The peoples of Ambazonia need to understand, that full independence means real sovereignty and that means own government, own constitution, own army, own police, own currency, own control over all territory and resources, own flag and own taxation, trade, political system also. All contracts of positions in governing offices, which are occupied by hostile francophones from the enemy LRC are to be declared null and void. All companies on the territory of Ambazonia are run by Ambazonians. The Peoples of Ambazonia also shall know that the time of hiding and fearing foreign troops is over. From now on we are ourselves! We are proud! We are equal to all other full nations in the world! We don’t need former colonizers OK anymore for being ourselves and having our own state and nation! We Are Ambazonians!

Fourth, all officials, employees and workers of Ambazonia are to be paid in the new currency Amba. Military and Police, who is loyal to Ambazonia gets higher salary than from Yaounde. The Ambazonian National Bank can print the Amba already in exile and spread it in Ambazonia, while 1 Amba has the value of 1 Dollar for example. For strategic reasons the currency can be called Amba-Dollar or Amba-Euro for a period of transition time. The covering security of the whole currency is the sum of all natural resources and real estates in Ambazonia, which is incredibly much and a safe value, if these resources and lands are controlled by the Ambazonians. If you don’t trust your new Amba currency, then ask yourself, how can you trust the CFA, which is bound and enslaved in the Central Bank of France in Paris, when even France does not trust in Franc anymore but uses Euros??? And why should France, which has no domestic resources, be the master of your currency, when it is you (!), who has all the resources and wealth on your territory? The African Union could easily free itself from the monetary enslavement by France, Switzerland, the IMF and the World Bank, if Africa would be able to defend its resources with weapons successfully against foreign military. And it is 8 million (!) Ambazonians against a lousy, scattered „army“ of only hundreds of soldiers from the French. You can easily organize your own army from Nigeria by promising former „Northern Cameroons“ and all foreign strategic advisors big rewards after having won the fight and secured the Ambazonian borders.

Fifth, Ambazonia’s best and wisest financial brains have to formulate a strategy, how to get rid of Francafrique, which is the decade old postcolonialistic practice of France to continuously exploit all former French colonies in Africa by favorizing French corporations and binding the Africans to the CFA and treasury in Paris, and to break out from the UCC, the Anglo-Saxon Uniform Commercial Code, which is the strategic tool for the former British „Empire“ to rule the world over the seas. Ambazonia’s case is of higher dimension. It is a forerunner for all other African countries to step from pseudo-independence to real independence. The tactics of the colonizers were always „divide and conquer“ and to promise militaristic security for exploiting resources in exchange. France, Nato, Africom now are still saying: „We guarantee you safety and stability if you let us exploit your resources and feed our puppet regimes with bribes!“ But the Africans need to say now: „We can defend ourselves! We don’t follow you to divide and conquer anymore! The show is over! We are stronger and more than you!“ Therefore the African Union needs to work harder on boxing the „former“ colonizers out and preventing a backfall into tribalistic or fundamentalistic militarism either. So the Ambazonians need to identify more with being a role model for many oppressed minorities and majorities in Africa.

Sixth, in the new Ambazonian Constitution there, have to be implemented effective juridical methods of financial and economic control in the country. Everybody who puts public money into private pockets can be fired immediately by law. Systems of accountability are installed in both the governmental and the economical and the civil services branch. There are minimum and maximum wages for everybody. Excessive private wealth will be transformed into property of the people. Revenues from oil, gas, minerals, crop exports etc. have to flow to a big part into education, science, health infrastructure, road system, public transport, and cultural revival. All elections are fair, democratic and limit the time of the power of officials. There is freedom of expression and convention. The overproportionate taxes in Douala harbor are abolished; Limbe harbor is built out and Ambazonia becomes an international touristic highlight. The environment is protected in parks and farmers get fair prices. And many more improvements of the whole society, which altogether help other nations in Africa as well to break out from the slumber and slavery. Spread the new Constitution everywhere, in all schools and offices and websites; it will also help the Francophones to get rid of their outdated system and senile dictator. Yaounde, France, Europe and the World, they must understand, that the global megatrend towards fairness for all peoples in the world does not need the OK of senile African dictators or corrupt European politicians, their opposition will be just washed away like dead crabs at the seashore.

Seventh, let Francophone government officials and military and police understand, that Ambazonian Independence is not a threat to Cameroon, but rather helps the Francophones to emancipate from French/Chinese postcolonialistic exploitation and slavery as well. Francophones and Anglophones are brothers and sisters, but they are not brothers and sisters to robbers, thieves, foreign exploitation corporations! Motivate all Francophonoes to solidarize with the Ambazonian Independence Movement and to sabotage the shabby power struggle of senile Mr. Biya, who is all to himself and nothing to both Francophones and Anglophones! Spread flyers among all Francophones and Anglophones in power or in arms, which show the benefits for all, if they follow the new Ambazonian Government and Constitution! All military and police men could have ten times higher salary and peace in their heart, if they support the promising NEW and abandon the rotten OLD! Don’t fear retaliation anymore! Speak out loud! Be an Ambazonian on the western side! And be the NEW Cameroonian on the eastern side! Have English as mandatory official language on the western side and have French as the mandatory official language on the eastern side!

Eight, Federalism means that inside your independent State all regions or tribes are respecting, supporting and helping each other. So the richer regions support the poorer regions financially and that is made mandatory by Constitution. So to have Federalism inside of Ambazonia would be good. But to have a Federalism with the rest of eastern Cameroon should not be done as long as the Biya regime and government there is just a corrupt puppet of former colonialistic masters. Never shake hands with a thief, he will take your whole arm. But if Mr. Biya would go and the following administration would transform the government into a state of integrity and fairness, then a Confederation between Ambazonia and Cameroon would be possible. Nevertheless, Ambazonia should not do that, if Yaounde is still with the CFA because bad habits die hard.

Ninth, avoid sending unarmed people into clashes with armed men. Try to convince the angry youth, that even when the situation is unbearable, you need to reach unity among the Ambazonian leaders first, before you can win against the occupation forces. Of course, tapes of human rights violations can also help in gaining support from international organizations, and guerilla tactics can be successful sometimes, but you should not run blindly into massacres and then the international media would still listen to the lies of CRTV. No instead you need to build out your strategy, your own TV/Radio channels, your own Constitution, your own internal elections and councils first. You need a chain of command and the youth must listen.

Tenth, admonish all people of the Church that the time of collusion with dictators and exploitation systems is over! The Vatican is too friendly with dictators and keeping poor people poor, so that they keep running into churches in despair. Bishops and priests who repeat saying: „Let’s keep peace at all costs!“ are on the wrong side; you cannot keep peace with criminals and murderers, even the police knows, that you cannot stop criminality only by prayers and peace talk and without weapons. The foreign suckers of Cameroon and Ambazonia give a damn whether you pray or sing Jesus or not. They only understand the language of weapons, power, money, law & order and courts. Ambazonian priests have to support the Ambazonian Nation or step out. What are new churches good for, when the whole people is enslaved? Priests need to give church money for the Ambazonian Independence Fight. Churches should not help exploiting people for selfish reasons. Forgiveness can only be done by the victim on his/her own free will. The national entity of Ambazonia still must bring law & order to all criminals and oppressors. Justice has to be defended by arms and power. That’s why a peace dove on the Ambazonian flag is not enough. You must also show the willpower to be a wolf, an eagle, a gorilla in order to be taken seriously. Put as many stars as Ambazonia has tribes on your new flag. Don’t follow world dictatorships of world religions or world corporations of corruption, follow yourself, be yourself, be an Ambazonian!


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