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Boh Herbert, MoRisc Leader Condemns Arson Attack On Ni John Fru Ndi








The attack on Ni John Fru Ndi’s compound, like all other similar attacks by arsonists, by killers and rapists targeting schools, business premises, or aimed at and effectively razing homes or entire villages (Kembong, Tadu, Kwa-Kwa, Bole, Boa Bakundu, Muyenge, etc…. all these attacks which have led, sadly to great and unacceptable loss of life and property, must be condemned in the strongest terms. Anyone who believes in or wants to enjoy freedom of speech, freedom of association, the right to life; all who believe that political problems are best solved using peaceful, legal non-violent and diplomatic means must unreservedly condemn this latest act of political intolerance.


This reliance on Stone Age approaches to solving political problems must be rejected, whether they come from the colonialists in Yaounde or from those promising us freedom in Ambazonia. The “argument of force” or the “argument of violence” will never resolve political problems, as Mr. Biya’s failure so far proves. In fact, they can only worsen such problems. True Ambazonians cannot own or take credit for violence, especially violence that you cannot ascertain was perpetrated by you or your supporters. In fact, the violence through fire that has hit Ni Fru Ndi’s compound bears the signature of the evil CPDM regime… this is the handiwork of the CPDM party whose logo is fire itself. This is the party/regime that has been burning down schools from the very beginnng. They are the only ones out at night during a curfew they alone enforce for the purposes of hiding their crimes and atrocities.


Ambazonians cannot unwittingly take credit for such violence and bail out the colonialists whose evil hand wrecked this havoc. Our revolution has been peaceful and non-violent for a reason. We have refused to take the bait thrown out at every turn by the colonialists. Please, join in on upholding the right of all – even ouur opponents – to hold and express political opinion without fear. We must uphold this right even as we travel the Road to Buea.


What we are, politically as we are on this Road to Buea, we will not change once we get there. Those who believe the contrary should check out President Donald Trump. He is Governing the USA as he campaigned. If we want an Ambazonia where freedom reigns, where our political opponents have freedom to run a credible, legitimate and republican opposition, we must hold all movements and leaders to that yardstick today; not hope, in vain, as Americans did, that a wannabe president who campaigned promising something they don’t like will govern by providing what they hoped for even though the aspirant did not promise. I have said my own.

Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh)
Spokesperson, MoRISC

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