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Ndille Ndille Njume, posing with Joshua Osih, SDF National Vice President and native from Ndian Division. A division with 89 % of Cameroons oil providing a huge capital and life basket for the regime yet remained hugely underdeveloped and underrepresented . These are some of the current issues which advances the cry of the Anglophones for a change in the form of government. The current elites who came from this division cannot even go home during the rainy season. The exploitation continues. Read on

Ndian Division is one of the richest in terms of natural resources yet the indegenes are too too backward with regards to development.Located in the SouthWest Region, it covers an area of 6.626km(second largest after Manyu) and has a population of about 500,000.Those familiar with the Kumba-Ekondo Titi road can confirm its hell during the rainy season. Having lived in this part of the country for 8 years,one can tell it is blessed with beautiful vegetation and landscape starting with the PALM PLANTATION PAMOL, the evergreen forest, never ending water courses which are good touristic attractions and a mild température and fresh air overshadowed by the poor state of roads.

This Division habours the rich oil Bakassi and Fish Peninsular and the Korup Biodiversity Reserve,it possesses wealth than can take care of its development and even extend a hand to others. Home to big names such as Minister Dion Ngute,Governor Naseri Paul Bea and late Ottou Wilson, it lacks a good road network linking it to the rest of the country.Other Touristic attractions include the Rumpi Hills Wildlife Reserve(45,843 hectares) and Ndongore National Park,experts estimated that if developed,tourism will attract over 100,000 people annually instead of 500.

Fortune OF Africa(FOA),an Oil & Gas platform estimated that 89% of Cameroon’s oil can be found in the offshore of Rio Del Rey Basin,Ndian Division in the SouthWest and the rest(11%) within the Douala basin. Oil fields in Ndian include Lipenja oil field,Boa Bakassi oil field,Ekundu Marine,Kole Marine,just to name a few.The creation of this road will not only ease the transportation of goods and services but create enormous opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industry which is vital for any emerging economy.The road linking Ndian & Meme is seasonal and one has the impression that the Division has been completely abandoned by the government with regards to infrastructural developments.

With all these informations, what else can we as a people do? Don’t we deserve a system where the division benefits while making sure the region and rest of the country are not left out? It is time we as a people begin holding our own leaders and most especially our elites accountable. Ndian division is very rich, it deserves a petrochemical and petroleum institute, it deserves good schools, good road network, good social services for its people, good hospitals and a policy of no child left behind. My understanding is that, these are the principles on which the current struggle stands- a foundation of equity and respect of both peoples as our founding fathers wanted for a strong united Cameroon based on unity in diversity but respecting the fundamentals of the cultural, legal and educational heritage of former British Southern Cameroons. Yes , we can.

Ndille Ndille Njume

Student, Political Science.

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