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‘The Bullet Man,’ Paul Biya Tells UN – Cameroun is Monolingual, Not Bilingual








Paul Biya Bi Mondo widely known as the bullet man among the people of Southern Cameroons, on Friday September 22, 2017, told the United Nations (UN) and the world, that Cameroon speaks one language, French, and not the window dressing bilingual country, they seem to know. He figuratively made the declaration while addressing the 72 UN General Assembly (UNGA).

Paul Buea, addressing an empty hall at UNGA

In the heat of the restoration of the statehood of Southern Cameroons, and at a time any sane leader will impress the world, and show how “One and indivisible” Cameroun is, Biya addressed the UNGA entirely in French. That for sure proved to even the blind or deaf, to understand that the bullet man, does not only think evil about Southern Cameroons, but also show the world, the people of Southern Cameroon are right to restore their statehood, so they can enjoy their own president, address them in their own language, at the UN.

It is worthy to note, that was not the first time the bullet man is sending such xenophobic signals to the world. On October 6 2013, Paul Biya addressed the 60th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference hosted in Cameroon, totally in French. What was he thinking about? Addressing the highest Anglo Saxon body in a foreign language was so telling. He told the world just like always, that Cameroon is a Francophone country. He cares less about the people of Southern Cameroons. And that was the impression, many left the hall thinking. For instance, the Nigerian Delegation laughed consistently during Biya’s speech. They wondered why an Anglo Saxon event will receive key note speech in French.

Paul addresses Common Wealth in French

Paul Biya has never addressed Cameroonians entirely in English, as he does in his lingua franca. Since 1982, he stole the presidential stole in a Machiavelli fashion, from erstwhile president, Amadou Ahidjo, the bullet man continued to discriminate in all aspect on Southern Cameroons. His two annual addresses to Cameroonians, are always delivered in French, and then his puppy, Peter Essoka, adulterate the speeches, and then interpreted to the people Southern Cameroons.

Now the world has seen the stuff Paul Biya is made of. His actions at the UNGA this Friday, is a microcosm of what occurs in the Cameroons. He and Beti people have signed an agreement with the devil to slowly but surely wipe out Southern Cameroons from the world map. They are doing it in such a systematic fashion, that the world was beginning to lose sight of the bigger picture.

Mass Protest all over Southern Cameroons

Alas, their thieving mechanisms have been unmasked. It is left for the world to take immediate actions to quell the ill-intentions of the gangster regime, by facilitating the restoration of the statehood of Southern Cameroons. The people of Southern Cameroons are fed up, and they have been able to systematically prove to the world, how frustrated they are. The events unfolding in Southern Cameroons, are palpable evidence, to show the world that the people of Southern Cameroons are determined now, more than ever to take and rewrite their destiny. Even as the bullet man instructs his colonial authorities to continue killing the people of Southern Cameroons, that would not stop the people from advocating for the restoration of their statehood.

Southern Cameroons must be free and there is nothing the bullet man and his cohorts can do. We enjoin the international community to stand with the people of Southern Cameroons and condemn all the atrocities committed by the gangster regime, on the people.

By Lucas Muma,

Political Analyst,


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