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Cameroun Must Learn From The America-Vietnam Experience








It took America, despite all its might and fire power 19 years 5 months, and with the loss of 58,220 (yes you read me right; fifty eight thousands two hundred and twenty) US service men, before coming to the realisation that the Vietnam war was not a war to win.

You do not unleash a war on a people you call part of a nation, burning them alive in their homes, destroying their properties, rendering them homeless with children taking refuge in the forest, raping their daughters, gunning them down at close range and expecting them to fold their arms and watch you unleash more carnage on them. No Sir! It doesn’t work that way.

The Paul who declared war must have either been deceived or ill advised by supposed senior men in uniform (who do not know how to fire guns), that the war will be a quick win. The assumption probably was to blindly rush in there with heavy fire power, and intimidate the unknown and faceless fighters, crush them and return to more serious business in the Far North and Eastern regions. But helas!

The only one thing they succeeded in was to swindle the billions of FCFA budgeted for the senseless war into private pockets à la Camerounaise style.

With the death toll of civilians now in thousands, and the Cameroon millitary men over a hundred and counting, I do not know at what point this confused regime will come to the realisation that this senseless war declared on a determined people is not a war to win.

When the prince of Etoudi declared war from the comfort of an airport terminal, someone ought to have asked him if indeed he understood the implications of declaring another war front in Cameroon.

With an overstretched millitary struggling to contain Boko Haram in the Far North and a rebel threat in the East, coupled with dwindling financial resources, some level headed senior men in uniform ought to hold this old man down and question him. Mungabelize him if that’s the right terminology, so some sanity can reign.

This cruelty and senseless war must stop. Enough is enough!!

P/s: Did I hear some people are preparing for elections under the current circumstances?


Eric Acha

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