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Ngarbuh Massacre: Kumbo Bishop Indicts French Cameroun Military



Ambazonia Clergy

Ngarbuh Massacre: Kumbo Bishop Indicts French Cameroun Military

By Mbah Godlove.

The Bishop of Kumbo Diocese, His Lordship George Nkuo, has said the Colonial military of La Republique du Cameroun is responsible for the brutal killings of Ambazonia citizens including women, children, toddlers in Ngarbuh, a village in Donga mantumg County.

In an emotional communique signed recently, the Roman Catholic leader unequivocally stated that French Cameroun forces raided the locality on February 14, killing over 22 unarmed inhabitants.

While criticizing the massacre in strong terms, the respected man of God declared Friday February 21 a day of mourning in the entire Kumbo Diocese.

He entreated Christians to join in prayers, for the souls of the victims so that they have a peaceful repose.

The Bishop’s statement, it should be recalled, came hours after the publication of a joint open letter by Catholic Bishops around the world to French Cameroun’s 87 year old dictator, Paul Biya whose government has refused to seek long lasting solutions to the war in Ambazonia. The Church leaders, 16 in number, called for among other issues, the withdrawal of forces from Southern Cameroons and the unconditional release of the Nera 10, as well as all other Ambazonians held in her prisons while engaging in a meaningful dialogue with separatists.

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