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French Cameroun Drags Ayah International Foundation To Court.



French Cameroun Drags Ayah International Foundation To Court.

By Mbah Godlove

The President of the Ayah International Foundation, Ayah Ayah Abine has appeared at the State Secretariat Unit (SEC) in Yaounde for interrogation.

Sources say the leader of the humanitarian international organization is being accused of smuggling guns and other weapons to support activities of Ambazonian fighters.

Reports say the interrogation process was halted and adjourned to Friday, February 21, 2020.

Reliable sources revealed that the International Non- governmental Organisation was sued by Dr. Success Nkongho, who has been serving as an enabler for the Biya regime.

Commenting on Thursday’s court hearing, a former judge and one-time parliamentarian Ayah Paul Abine described it as unfortunate, stating that the allegations against the humanitarian organization were unfounded and politically motivated.

Ayah Ayah Abine on a post on Facebook writes ” I was held for about 4 hours this day at SED and later told to return home for another return to SED tomorrow @ 10 am for interrogation on an accusation by those people who deserve no publicity. All I’m told, in other words, is that the Ayah Foundation is accused of funding terrorism. It’s amazing that this case filed against the AIF, weeks after we filed a case for defamation against them, is already being heard while our case file hasn’t even been as much as touched. We even hear that the file may have disappeared. Well, Darkness can NEVER overpower light however long the duration of the night may seem

Since the inception of the ongoing deadly conflict in Ambazonia, the Ayah International Foundation has on several occasions, reached out to thousands of refugees in Nigeria, as well as tens of thousands of others internally displaced.

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