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Colonial Mayor Ekema Patrick Fakes the History of the Cameroons & Invokes Xenophobic Attacks on Non Bakwerians








Colonial Mayor of Buea Ekema Patrick Fakes the History of the Cameroons & Invokes Xenophonic Attacks on Non Bakwerians

Like his fake Ordinary and Advance Level Certificates which have automatically invalidated his 1st and 2nd degrees from the University of Buea, the colonial of Buea and anti-revolutionary agent, Ekema Patrick has developed a fake version of the History of the Cameroons. This was during a heavily boycotted meeting he held on Sunday July 29, 2018, with some citizens of his Bakweri ethnic group.

The Mayor also used the meeting to galvanize the few people present and strategize for a full blown attack on non Bakwerians in the days ahead. Particularly targeted are those from the Northern zone of Ambazonia, who the mayor accused of being responsible for the arrest of some Buea chiefs and the revolutionary atmosphere in Buea.

According to the rogue mayor who has become a torn in the flesh of the Ambazonian Revolution, there is no such thing as an “anglophone problem” and that present-day Cameroon existed even before colonialism and the coming of colonial Germany was just to better organized the country that was already in existence.

Thus, Cameroonians according to Ekema are more of Germans than French or British as the people have been made to believe due to the Versailles partition between Britain and Francs. The cultural relationship between some of the people of the Southern zone of Ambazonia and the Doualas and people of the Southern Region of LRC is testament to this fact, Ekema posits.

While talking on the arrest of some chiefs by restoration forces and the unfortunate dead of one of Chief Mbanda of Lysoka,, the Mayo announced that there shall be a peaceful march by the  Bakweri people on Tuesday 31st from Bongo Sqaure to Mile 17, to press for the release of the chiefs. Though it’s a peaceful march, the Mayor promise violence 24-hours after.

Mayor Ekema rubbishes the so-called Anglophone General Conference (AGC) billed for August 29 and 30, 2018 and vowed that it will never take place in Buea even if it’s approved by his boss, the colonial dictator, Paul Biya. Below are excerpts of his statements to attendees after the said conclave on Sunday as presented by Mimi Mefo Info.

“I am in control here…,” he stressed.

“We met to discuss the difficulties we have been facing but it is heart breaking to know our chiefs were taken by these group of makizas… this is a sacrilege…It is something that will haunt us,”

“We need to rise up in unism and strategize on how to put an end to this ongoing masquerade…”

On the announced AGC, the Mayor said:

“We know the role of the church from the start of this crisis, but it’s very provocative to hear Cardinal Tumi speaking on behalf of Bishops.. why the choice Buea and who did he consult?”

Mayor Ekema Patrick questioned.

The Mayor added that Buea is no playground to political adventurers:

“My position as father of this municipality is known. I want you to mandate me to restrict such meeting in our municipality. We know what happened in 2016 when the Moderator of PCC duped South Westerners and took away moderatorship to the North West whereas it was their turn.

“Since then I have not gone to church…even the bible says when Two or Three are gathered in my name I am with you”.

” I cannot be led by such man full of deceit”

“You and I are conversant of the fact that our country existed before colonialism and as such the foundation of this country cannot be built on the basis of colonialism.

“I know there are institutional and governance problems but there is no Anglophone problem.”

The vituperative outing of Mr. Ekema on Sunday and his historical disinformation of the people has only come to further exposed how fake his education life has been. It is interesting to know that Mr. Ekema was actually awarded two degrees in history by the University of Buea, which have now been withdrawn after evidence emerged showing that he faked his high school certificates to get admissions into the university. But his historical outing yesterday doesn’t in anyway correlate with that of someone with a previous Masters degree in Cameroon History. Thank God they were all fake degrees and have been withdrawn. It would have been a serious embarrassment to those who awarded him such degrees.

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  1. Pompidou Mensah

    July 30, 2018 at 10:29 PM

    Useless ekema, that’s what the world expects from cheats and under achievers like you. Where else could you be a mayor? you know Ambazonia is coming you will be reduced to the bambay boy you qualify for, you lowlife murderer, thug and criminal

  2. Mukong

    July 30, 2018 at 11:01 PM

    Empty vessels make the loudest noise and this fellow will do just about anything to keep himself relevant. Like the recalcitrant fly, he has decided to go to the grave with the dying regime of Etoudi.

  3. Malis

    July 31, 2018 at 12:22 AM

    Ekema na big mbout-man, Mboutoukou number one na hi.

    His slave master in Yoaound has tried to use his slave boy in multiple ways but it all failed. What is happening right now is a setup, everything is well calculated.
    All his actions are meant to provoke us, but we are very wise and ahead of time, it will not happen.

    We already control Buea, all we are going to do is sit, laugh and watch the slave boy make one mistake after the other, to the next.
    Arresting this mbout-man is of no use, all that is going to do is shorten the food ratio of our Amba Boya and fill our toilet. That is something we really don’t want.

  4. Massa Troki

    August 1, 2018 at 9:01 AM

    Ekema I am with you,100%, Mola.

    Defend y/our territory and CAKE.

    BUSH people are out to snatch that CAKE, that’s all that matters to them. LIBERATION OF ANGLOS is just a subterfuge. WELL-KNOWN to ALL those who can read in-between lines.

    Defend y/our CHIEFS, Mola. BUSH people have ZERO respect for OUR traditions. But they respect RED NECKS in USA and beyond.

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Kofi Annan: His Death, SCNC, Biya, The West And Ambazonia






Kofi Annan: His Death, SCNC, Biya, The West And Ambazonia.

Kofi Annan, in memoriam

We have received news this morning of the passing away of Kofi Annan, a son of Ghana and Africa, a statesman of the world. We salute the memory of Kofi Annan who personally achieved many things, including recognition as a Nobel Peace laureate in 2001.

Kofi Annan brings up many memories for us. He worked for a negotiated settlement of the Bakassi conflict. Our forerunners in the struggle lobbied him intensely on case of the annexation of Southern Cameroons by La Republique du Cameroun. Mr Annan even visited Cameroun to discuss our situation. His advice to Biya to initiate negotiation failed.

Being a son of Africa, Annan hoped that Paul Biya will work with the SCNC and other groups to adjust the state peacefully and resolve the root cause of the problem. But he left and nothing changed. Biya duped him. Biya promised him that dialogue will ensue and Mr Annan played his own part of the bargain to not criticise LRC much, to give Cameroun the chance to fix its mess. Lai lai to lai lai, nothing happened. Biya pretended to listen. He ignored him. But sadly too, Kofi Annan had failed to learn from his past failure. As Under Secretary General of the UN in charge of peacekeeping operations, Annan had failed to stop the Rwandan genocide, in which 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were murdered in 100 days. Mr Annan was also in charge when 8,000 Moslems were massacred in a UN safe area by Serbian forces.

Mr Annan was to some extent let down by the West. But he did publicly recognised that he could have done more to prevent those dark moments from occurring in our world.

Fast forward two decades. Successive batches of UN and world leaders have failed to address the case of the Southern Cameroons. Here we are today – in conflict, our people being murdered by troops loyal to the man whom Kofi Annan trusted, our women being raped, a genocide developing in our land, hundreds of thousands of our people displaced.

Biya scammed Kofi. Unfortunately, the story of this bloody struggle would be insincere without stating the obvious failure of the one African who held the office that could have saved our people from this mess and also preserve the husbands of the several women who are now widows on LRC’s side.

But Mr Annan knows the value of independence. Speaking about Ghana’s independence to a group in 2012 in Canada, he declared, “I walked away as a young man believing change is possible, even radical revolutionary change.”

The people of #Ambazonia #SouthernCameroons should take the hint from Mr Annan’s quote above.

As we mourn a great statesman of the world, a son of Africa, the world should seize the opportunity to examine one of the burning issues where they failed to empower Koffi to resolve the annexation of Southern Cameroons Ambazonia by Cameroun which has now turned into conflict and Africa’s fastest growing humanitarian crisis.

Biya duped Kofi. We hope Antonio Guttieres will reflect on this.

The independence of Ambazonia is non negotiable.

Mark Bareta

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Cameroons Conflict: Biya Hires Another US Lobby Firm







Cameroun Hires Another US Lobby Firm.

La Republique Du Cameroun Government has hired another lobby firm known as Mercury. The Mercury firm will provide Cameroun with media and lobbying support.

BaretaNews can confirm Mercury started her operation with Cameroun on August 1st, 2018 according to documents filed under the US Foreign Agents Registration Act.

According to the registration, the contract runs for 12 months, with the Omnicom agency earning a fee of $100,000 per month, along with a one-time $5,000 fee for legal and filing costs that provides lobbying and media relations support.

It should be noted that this adds to the $400,000 contract with Squire Patton Boggs, another full service global law firm.

This move has been taken lately to fight the Southern Cameroons Independence dream. Political pundits say the regime is in dire need to change the narrative and safe guard the face of Cameroun battered human right abuses in Southern Cameroons and North of its own country.

Southern Cameroonians across the globe have been tweeting calling out the law firm for trying to protect and support a dictorial regime of Paul Biya, Cameroun President who has engaged in huge genocidal acts in Southern Cameroons as his military kill, maim civilians burning homes with some alive. More than 120.000 Southern Cameroonians have been displaced internally with more than 20.000 others seeking refuge in Nigeria

This latest move adds to Cameroun frustration in changing the minds of the international community. A country ravaged by internal civil war, a fallen economy, lack of basic facilities could not invest such resources in dialogue which could readily end the war with less than what is currently being spent in the senseless war but rather decided to spend heavily to hire lobbyists to clean its dirty image and thus prolonging the conflict

BaretaNews however understands that the people of Southern Cameroons are not shaken by this move. Their unity, determination and focus between the diaspora and those at home shall see an independent Southern Cameroons and beat La Republique Du Cameroun out of Ambazonia (Former British Southern Cameroons).

Mark Bareta.

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Father Alexander Sob Was Murdered With A Silencer-Bishop Bushu








BaretaNews Breaking

Father Alexander Sob was murdered with a silencer

His Lordship Bishop Bushu, Bishop Of Buea Diocese has dispelled all rumours and Information claiming Rev Father was killed as a result of a cross fire in Muyuka a month ago. He said Fr. Sob was brutally murdered with a silencer.

Monsignor Immanuel Bushu said all these in his homily which is still ongoing today at the Regina Pacis Cathedral where the funeral mass of Rev Sob is being observed.

“Father Sob was with two other people in his car when he was shot at close range with a silencer gun. Where are these people who were with him? Fr. Sob did not die in a crossfire.” The bishop lamented.

We at BaretaNews holds it that, La Republique Du Cameroun Forces have been actively engaged in killing Southern Cameroonians including men of God who have become targets lately. It beats our imagination why the regime will target and kill Father Sob. Of course we know who are the owners of AKs and silencers.

The words from Bishop Bushu goes to directly shame Francophone Bishops who just yesterday on August 7th, 2018 issued a statement congratulating Biya’s regime forces for maintaining order while claiming that the Southern Cameroons self defense forces whom they called as “secessionists” were the ones doing terror. Now we see the separation of the Church itself.

May his soul rest in peace.

Mark Bareta

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