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Anglophobic Fame Ndongo ‘Eats Humble Pie’ At Etoudi








Jacque Fame Ndongo, Minister of Higher Education of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), is yet to recover from insomnia after the international embarrassment levied on him by his slave master, Paul Biya. In a dramatic fashion, Paul Biya, refused to listen to the lullaby of Fame Ndongo, seconds after both shook hands at the ‘Palais de l’Unité’.

It was during the New Year Wishes ceremony of Paul Biya, Thursday December 4, 2018, that Fame Ndongo was ignored by Mr Biya, amid growing concerns of a myriad of delinquencies perpetrated by the Biya’s ‘boy-boy’.

Zooming to the incident as captured by live TV, Jean Fame Ndongo had greeted his master Paul Biya. Thinking he could engage Biya in a discussion, Ndongo started fighting some things to the hearing of Biya. Unfortunately, Paul Biya paid no attention to Fame Ndongo’s sulking. Biya was seen showing signs of being bored by Fame Ndongo, and instead, indicated for the next minister to come over, in total show of embarrassment of Fame Ndongo.

Reports have rived over social and audio-visual media in LRC over the alleged purchase of low quality notebook computer for 76 billion CFA Francs. The computers that hitherto had been painted with the most modern properties and accessories, arrived with the least of expectations from the recipients. For example, the computers had been indicated to run with a hard drive with a storage capacity of 500GB. Paradoxically, the computers came with only 32GB, fifteen times lower than the earmarked storage capacity. The same thing applied to the RAM, processor speed and size of the computers.

All of that, plus his repeated calumniation over the Anglophone crisis, must have caused his slave master to ignore him during the New Year Wishes Ceremony. Many had rumoured, Biya is in total disagreement with Fame Ndongo over his over comfort and impunity in carrying out state affairs. It is rumoured, Ndongo maybe arraign for embezzlement of state funds.

Anglophobic Ndongo

Jean Fame Ndongo is notorious for fueling the Southern Cameroons crisis. He is one of those ‘boy-boys’ of Paul Biya who have been feeding the octogenarian with derogatory lies, all in a bit to secure their gluttony in power. Ndongo hates Anglophones with his last blood. He joined his Beti patriarch to announce that if Cameroon gets back to Federation, Beti will secede.

He is reported to have pumped in huge amount of money to some ‘Crumb-mongers’ in Southern Cameroons, so they can continue the incessant divide and rule. He ulterior motives have infiltrated the crisis rocking Southern Cameroons so bad that he enjoys maximum returns from it.

However, his ages of affluence and influence seems to be numbered. It is very clear that nemesis will soon catch up with him. Just like his former comrade and strong man, Marafa Hamidou Yaya (who now languishes in jail), Fame Ndongo will soon be conferred a public cleansing from all his evil actions committed over the years.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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