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Ambazonia Liberation Leader, Ayaba Cho Congratulates Manyu State Forces As 5 Cameroun Forces Drop Dead



5 French Cameroun Forces have lost their lives following a tactical ambush from Ambazonia Forces in Manyu State. They died along in Otu along the Ambazonia-Nigeria border. Mimi Mefo, a Cameroonian base online media platform writes:

Five members of the Cameroon armed forced are said to have been gunned down in an armed confrontation with separatist fighters. The incident took place in the border locality of Otu, Eyumojock Subdivision, Manyu Division of the South West region on Sunday. “The Mayor of Eyumojock organised a football cup to bring things back to normal in Otu,” a source says, adding that the move angered separatist fighters that launched an attack. “There was serious fighting in Otu … more than five soldiers dropped dead and others wounded,” the source confirms. Government is yet to make any official statement on the incident. This is not the first time attacks from separatist fighters have left many dead in the region. Weeks back, the Mayor of Mamfe still in the South West region was killed and his guards wounded in an ambush. With thousands dead due to violence in the English Speaking regions of Cameroon, there have been countless calls for President Pau Biya to convene a sincere dialogue to bring the violence to an end.

Meanwhile Ambazonia Governing Council President, Dr Ayaba Cho has praised the bravery of Ambazonia Forces. He writes:

Let me congratulate our forces in Otu, Manyu State for their bravery in planning and execution. Cameroun forces will be eliminate, humiliated and disgraced.

There are Liberation Fighters and there are Liberation beneficiaries. Never try to be both. You have bankrupted them; shut down their key economic parastatals: put appointed governors into armour cars and restored pride on us all. One last Mission and history is yours to write. Bleed the last remnants to their graves; make the world know who is incharge of Amba spare none who oppose your right to live.

God bless you all

Dr Cho Ayaba



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