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Words and Letters Must Be Translated To Guns And Bullets-Dr. Ayaba Cho



Dear defenders of our independence

In the coming week, l will be having a very comprehensive speech that will paint a realistic picture of our war; what we must do in the defence of our independence; our analysis and stance on negotiations and ongoing international efforts and the vision for a new Ambazonia. The how to fight, why we fight, and what we fight for speech will package Ambazonia for the world to recognise.

Be reminded that Black Americans have been fighting for decades just for the right to life, equality, and opportunity. Malcolm X died for these virtues: Martin Luther King Junior died for them. It is still an ongoing battle even when a black man had become President. This must remind us that the battle to be free from oppression and injustice must be considered as a life long service for ourselves and the next generation. Remain resolute, committed, and unwavering.

Rededicate and recommit to our forces defending our independence and remember we shall not be judged by how many words we wrote and uttered but how we translated those words into guns and bullets to defend our stolen freedom and independence. Our strategic liberation plan requires presence in key strategic areas across the territory and as you must have realized in the past days, our forces are engaged. We can not fail.

The difference between the possible and the impossible is merely a measure of a man’s determination

Dr Cho Ayaba

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