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The Online Referendum: Would It Be Same Today?



On June 23rd, citizens from the UK went to the polls to vote whether to leave or stay in the European Union. The “LEAVE” camp voted to leave by 51.9 percent to 48.1 percent “REMAIN” camp. In their arguments to leave, they presented reasons which cut across the economy to immigration to a failed political union. In fact, the “LEAVE” camp said they want their country back. They said they do not want any decision from Brussels to bear unto them. They have been in this political union since 1973. The same scenario could be situated to the Southern Cameroons Question or what has been known to be the Anglophone Problem. BaretaNews has defined the Anglophone problem as a constitutional problem and one of colonisation/annexation where decisions are made in Yaounde and forced it down the throats of Anglophones-Southern Cameroonians who voted freely to join the political Union based on some terms.

It is not strange that within the years and up till this moment, we have been seeing calls and groups calling for the restoration of Southern Cameroons Independence. The African Court in Banjul had earlier called on the Biya’s Regime to dialogue with the Southern Cameroons National Council-SCNC. Koffi Annan during his visit to Cameroon as Secretary-General of the United Nations did also advise the Biya’s regime to dialogue with the SCNC. Biya’s regime has largely ignored all these calls. We cannot deny the existence of the Southern Cameroons Question.

The UK exit from the EU has opened up new calls for former colonies of great Britain who were forced into a political union with other countries. Will the new UK PM be open to calls to correct the wrongs their country did to colonised peoples in Africa and other parts of the world?

BaretaNews last year took the challenge to test the resolve of Southern Cameroonians through an online referendum. 1200 Southern Cameroonians (Anglophones) participated in the poll. The online poll ran from the 8th July 2015 to 8th August 2015 and was widely reported by Cameroon Anglophone Newspapers.

Guardian Post reporting on Southern Cameroons Independence

Guardian Post reporting on Southern Cameroons Independence

Following the BREXIT, BaretaNews thinks it is good to remind the people that if something is not done, Southern Cameroons will one day move away in their own SCEXIT. No occupation/assimilation of a people lasts forever. Though the sample size is small, the success gives an idea of what the Anglophones feel about the Union. BaretaNews is, therefore, challenging the Biya’s regime and all the those who doubts the unity between North West and South West Regions should call for a referendum and let us vote- the outcome I predict shall be an all SCEXIT.

BaretaNews, therefore, presents to you what the poll said at the time of voting at


On 11th February 1961, British Southern Cameroons in a UN-sponsored plebiscite voted to express the intention of joining the independent Republic of Cameroun or the Federal Republic of Nigeria based on certain terms. Southern Cameroonians voted massively to engage in a union of two states equal in status. A lot of history has been said concerning this, but the bottom line is that the Union has not been “consummated”.

On September 30th, 1961, British forces scrupulously left Southern Cameroons and La Republique forces took over on 1st October. From 1st October 1961, Southern Cameroons have been under annexation, assimilation and total marginalisation from the Biya’s regime. Within the past years and months, several groups have spoken vocally against the assimilation and marginalisation of Southern Cameroons. This reporter need not belaboured the historical facts. They are very visible for all to research on.

The online poll question reads thus ” In order to assess how Southern Cameroonians feels, this online pool is designed to test the resolve of the People of Southern Cameroons in light with the moves made by Southern Cameroon Lawyers and Chiefs. This pool should go a long way to giving an idea of how Southern Cameroonians thinks and feels about the relationship with La Republique Du Cameroun. It is a non-binding poll. It is designed just to indicate the state of mind of Southern Cameroonians”.

1. Do you want to remain in a union with La Republique Du Cameroun
2. Do you want a Two State Federation with La Republique du Cameroun
3. Do you want to be an independent Republic of Southern Cameroons

Number of Southern Cameroons who voted: 1200
1. 30 persons voted , 2.5%
2. 200 persons voted , 16.66%
3. 970 persons voted , 80.84%

Therefore, 80.84 percent of Southern Cameroonians who voted wished for an independent Republic of Southern Cameroons. What can we make of these feelings after 54 years of assimilation from La Republique du Cameroun? How can we translate these feelings into a reality? How can the BREXIT stimulate an SCEXIT?

God is still saying something.


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