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Did Minister Harriett Baldwin Come to do What Patricia Scotland Left Undone?











Did Minister Harriett Baldwin Come to do What Patricia Scotland Left Undone?

A few days back, the British Minister for Africa at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department for International Development, Harriett Baldwin, was in the Cameroons. We are told it was her first trip to this region of Africa since taking up this role.

During her her stay in the Cameroons (13 and 14 February), the Minister visited the La Rpublique occupied territory of Ambazonia, to discuss with some religious and civil society leaders on the ongoing independence revolution. This was after meeting with senior members of the colonial regime in Yaoundé and the civil society in LRC.

BaretaNews is told that she called for restraint and for a de-escalation of current tensions between Ambazonia and LRC. According to Minister Baldwin, the UK, as a long-standing friend and Commonwealth partner of the Cameroons, wants to see urgent steps taken on all sides to de-escalate current tensions.

She noted that, the colonial President Biya’s announcement in his New Year speech of steps to rebuild trust, resume dialogue, and allow decentralisation are a welcome start – but only a start. The two people in the Cameroons need to come together to talk and secure a peaceful resolution.

The visiting minister also discussed issues around democracy, security, prosperity and human rights in meetings with first slave and colonial Prime Minister Philemon Yang and other LRC senior ministers, as well as with representatives of business and civil society interests of UK and Cameroons nationalities.

Minister Baldwin noted that;

“The UK and the Cameroon share historic ties, and I have seen ample evidence that those ties – of business partnership, security co-operation, and support to education and wildlife conservation – continue to strengthen.”

The visit of minister Baldwin, came just a month after that of the Commonwealth SG, Patricia Scotland, who was accorded a presidential treatment and a trophy by the colonial master, Paul Biya. What information did minister Baldwin come to get on the present revolution, that Patricia Scotland didn’t bring back from her trip last month? Or is it that the British crown just wants to be thorough in knowing the situation on ground?

For two months now, the British government that shares part of the blame for this crisis has just been meeting publicly, colonial officials and some federalist/ moderate leaders of the Ambazonia revolution. Does it mean that they don’t recognize the leaders of the radical independence movement? Or have they been talking with them in the background? If not, is it the radical independence movement that is able to deescalate the rising tensions they are talking about or the moderate movement?

It is our believe and hope that, the inability of the visiting minister to meet the missing colonial president Paul Biya and receive her own trophy, will make her to submit a conscientious report about the revolution (if at all she had access to the right information)

With the unconfirmed news that the British government of Theresa May has summoned the colonial LRC President to appear at 10 Downing Street in relation to this revolution; we also hope that British crown has recognize her errors and illegality of the past and is now working towards correcting and legitimizing them, based on the whims and caprices of majority of the Southern Cameroons people.

At this level of the revolution where Innocent Ambazonians and families have paid the ultimate price of freedom, no individual or group of individuals shall unilaterally determined the destiny of 8 million Ambazonians without their absolute consent or approval.

Ambazonians of this epoch are smart enough to know what they want and who they want to represent them in getting what they want, anywhere and at any point in time. Not even the British government, LRC colonial officials or any camouflage colonial institution set up by the colonial master can forced down the throats of Ambazonians, a piece of fufu they don’t want to swallow. The people reserve the absolute right to defined the roadmap to their destinies in any political nomenclature, whether in the Cameroons or the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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