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Abdoulaye Babale in ELECAM Meltdown As Workers Go 2 Months Without Salaries









Since the appointment of Abdoulaye Babale on Tuesday 21 July 2015 as head of the Elections Cameroon branch, Elecam, the latter has set up a financial scam unparalleled.

The scale of this scam is in billions of FRANCS CFA. Since his arrival at the head of this institution wages are no longer paid and when they are paid, it is usually 10 to 20 days after the end of the month. For example, the salaries for July have not yet been paid to Elecam employees. To justify this forfeiture, the Director General declares that the non-payment of wages are due to a mistake of the CENADI. The question that everyone will have to ask is why it is only the employees of Elections Cameroon who are not paid while the civil servants and pensioners who depend on the same cenadi have received their wages and Pensions for others? The truth is that, Abdoulaye Babale is a liar

On 24 March 2017, Director-General Abdoulaye Babale signed a memorandum stating that the beginning of the payments of the internal debt with regard to staff increases will begin in April. This internal debt is valued at more than one billion FCFA.

Not only did he not start paying this internal debt when we are in August, that is to say 4 months after the time when he planned in writing to do so, but what is more serious is that He no longer communicates about this money. This proves that this gentleman is not even able to keep the commitments he has set for himself confirming that he is a liar. An investigation by our investigation team tells us that Abdoulaye Babale actually misappropriated the money for personal purposes.

To defraud this billion which is the money of the employees, Babale has to proceed to what is generally called SURFACTURATION. Let us take a few examples: the CEO has made a number of gadgets without any link with the work that is asked. Among these gadgets one can quote a meter stamped ELECTIONS CAMEROON. Does it matter if the employees of Elecam have become masons or messiers? According to our sources, this meter was manufactured in 1500 copies and distributed in the antennas throughout the national territory. At 50,000 FCFA per copy, these meters cost the penny sum of 75 million francs, a money that could have been used to revitalize the listings on the electoral lists.

In the same vein, the Director General instructed OMGBA ONAMBELE, who is head of the Administrative and Financial Division, to have VISA bank cards issued for all Elecam employees to SGC (Cameroon General Society). According to Abdoulaye Babale, these bank cards will allow each employee to receive his non-salary bonuses. An investigation into these famous SGC bank cards, which were distributed to employees about ten days ago, reveals that, in fact, the managing director of Elecam signed a contract with the bank to do ” Half “on the additions that these bank cards will be produced. As the monthly additions amount to about 4000 FCFA each month, for 4,300 employees the general manager will receive as of August, 2000 FCFA for each agent making a total of 8600000 each month for the 4,300 employees.

The agents already had accounts in several other banks. One can thus ask the question what is the use of this second bank account opened in the SGC if not to defraud the little money of the employees in ELECAM ? The other question that begs our attention is related to how the employees of this structure can show impartiality when they do not even have the minimum vital, that is, the salary? They are unable to pay their rents to feed themselves because of one person Abdoulaye Babale. Is it another means to make the employees beggars so that they can rely on CPDM bribe money?

By Owona Xavier, sent to BaretaNews

Edited by BaretaNews for clarity.

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