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Parents Need To Be Told Why The Struggle Must Continue






The very good arguments I refer to above are contained in the following piece that was sent to me today by a separatist: “Our people need to be reminded of the key demands which led anglophone parents, students and their teachers to launch the school boycott on November 21st 2016 and given the reason why LRC can never grant any:

Anglophone parents and teachers demanded a complete withdrawal of francophones from anglophone classrooms with exception of teachers of French, a phenomenon which is barely five years in anglophone general education. This phenomenon started in anglophone technical education with the transfer of francophone head teacher to the then GTC Ombe by the then education minister Mungo So’ o in the seventies, reason why technical education for anglophones today means CAP, PROBATOIRE AND BACCALAUREATE. In the course of this struggle a few cosmetic redeployments have been made with the only intention of having schools resume.

Law no 98/004 of 14 April laying down guidelines for education in Cameroon prescribed the creation of an education board but Parents and Teachers unions demanded the creation of two separate education councils for the respective education systems. This to Yaoundé is as repulsive as federalism.

Unions demanded the separation of pedagogic chains on the education ministries to end the chaos, confusion and the embarrassments that have characterized the management of the two education systems. In secondary education for instance would require appointments of anglophone and francophone secretaries of States and inspector generals of pedagogy side by side with a clear separation of pedagogic chains through pedagogic inspectors down to classrooms in the respective systems. Again this is as repulsive to Yaoundé as federalism.

The unions demanded an end to the francophonization of the so-called Anglo Saxon universities with the immediate transfer of all francophones in holding posts of responsibility and francophone lecturers lacking the requisite proficiency in English. Yaoundé knows that the idea of Anglo Saxon universities in Cameroon was a mistake that must be corrected.

Parents in Southern Cameroon need to be told that LRC will prefer to shoot hundreds more southern Cameroonians than grant any of these four key demands. That is because LRC knows that the destruction of our general education is the last battle in the war to assimilate and annihilate Anglo Saxon cultural values in Cameroon, a war that was launched officially on the 20th of May 1972.

Our southern Cameroonian parents need to be reminded that minister Rene Zenguele attempted the destruction of anglophone general education in 1983 with his obnoxious decision to restructure the GCE, an attempt that failed thanks to resilience and the determination of our university students at the time.

Our Southern Cameroonian parents need to reminded of the pains and the sacrifices that characterized the fight for the GCE board in the early nineties and declaration by minister Mbella Mbappe that the GCE board would only happen over his dead body.

Our people need to be reminded that the scheme to take back or destroy the GCE board began the day it was created, a scheme that was strengthened with the dismissal and replacement of Azong Wara by CPDM sycophants and the revision of the GCE board statutes to include francophone examinations for anglophones. Our parents need to be told that technical education examinations for anglophones students are set and translated by francophones in the ministry of secondary education with the GCE required to print and serve with no alteration whatsoever, reason why ridiculous settings and translations remain a regular phenomenon with these examinations. Southern Cameroonians to know that today the GCE board is a limping shadow of what it ought to be.

Our parents need to know why this fight must be taken to the very end. The struggle continues.”

Culled From Southern Cameroons Whatsapp Message

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