Assasination Sisiku Ayuk-Tabe

Buea, Southern Cameroons

The many crisis bedeviling the I.G is purely a democratic experience, wealth of governance, natural political hazards, and good signs of coherent practices in line with our culture of transparency. There’s nothing outrageous, and a worthy citizen does not stop paying taxes simply because the Finance Minister has a questionable reputation or indulged certain preferences that triggered institutional alarms. Besides, the alarms are there for this very purpose despite the inconveniences, sometimes, caused on the curious but fragile hears of the masses. Due diligence and discretionary actions should be encouraged while at the same time the individual’s rights to speak freely must be upheld.

We must see beyond confusions of the mind and let the legitimate safeguards within the Revolution’s leadership or political system respond to threats of this character. We can not light up our vehicle in flames at the middle of a journey while seeking to remove flies from the fuel tank. Beware: Those who are trying to bring the fire treacherously closer to the fuel are individuals who hold their position and claims against the I.G; The doom and end time prophets of the Revolution seeking the collapse of the I.G in order to justify their predictions and entitlements. But, no! We would correct errors, repair faults, replace wheels and fix any broken fiber of our political system to make it work for everyone.

There was an outburst by the Communication Secretary relating to the style of management and handling of funds by an agency of the I.G as one would expect, but it’s in no way a signal of institutional breakdown. Rather, it’s remarkable how individual speak freely and publicly on issues affecting the common health and destiny of the people. Most importantly, there’s an internal mechanism to deal with such issues. If there’s none, then at least they now know it’s expedient. Again, all this is to be managed by the I.G even though made public. If it can not be done then the I.G may assemble whatever composition of the people as it’s necessary to pursue different options. This is not and should not serve as an invitation to rally support against a legitimately evolving system of political leadership. Correctional and conventional approaches that reinforce institutional beliefs should be adopted with a progressive mindset.

At least we hear of financial malpractices and can sue for accountability under a government structure as a people, unlike other groups where one person decides and make up what is known about its undertakings and activities. There’s no way to suddenly achieve a Government or institution that function properly and deliver for the people without going through this kind of experience. This means the Revolution is in good hands with trusted individuals showing all the natural signs of health in their relationship. By this note therefore, I call on the adopted child of the Revolution, Distinguished Comrade MARK BARETA, to reconsider his decision to halt payments of citizen’s levy and any other fees. He should guide and inspire the aspirations of the people in their national sacrifices.
Until Freedom Comes, We Stand Together. 
Patriotic Salute Comrade Brothers. 
Comrade Don Wan-Obi



  1. sunshine

    February 14, 2019 at 8:07 PM


    In biya’s corrupt crime syndicate in french cameroun, no one talks about ministers embezzling money. They wait until biya de-ministers his arrogant minister, then they pretend to go after him when all tax payers money has been looted and starched away in europe. Ambazonia is on a good footing – we are free to point out error and and corruption before every one is engulfed. We need people like Chris Anu in our government, who speaks out forthrightly when corruption shows its ugly head. God bless Ambazonia.

  2. Lumumba

    February 15, 2019 at 2:12 PM

    IG does what exactly? How many resistance fighters does it field? All it does is suck resources. A lot of hot air from politicans who won’t want to dirty their hands. Do you think the Amba Boys will take orders from those who wear shiny suits, ties and shoes once victory is achieved? Looks at the IG and look at the LRC – they look the same.

  3. romaiin

    February 15, 2019 at 4:12 PM

    Mr.Lumumba, sorry to say this Grow up man.Not everyone handles the gun,not everyone leads the army, not everyone fight on the diplomatic front etc.please grow up.

  4. Mbeuh

    February 15, 2019 at 6:00 PM

    There will always be detractors in any venture in life. I remember following closely Mandela and his ANC’s fight against apartheid. There were quite a sizable population of poverty entrenched blacks who either criticized that struggle and/or were satisfied with the status quo of retaining their menial jobs under white dominated supervision. Yesterday I watched a YouTube video presentated in English by a heavily accented French Cameroon lady calling herself general . She accused the IG as nothing but an NGO and said Cris Anu rescinded his resignation ONLY because he was offered a pay raise. How erroneous! Time and time again Sako, Cris Anu, Comfort Konfort and many others in the IG have made it clear that they serve the IG and by extension the Ambazonia people for free (without pay).

    As to what the I G does, besides “suck resources”, it is clear that someone has not cared to visit and read up on the functions of the Ambazonian Interim Government on its website and obviously has not listened to or watched the many video presentation by Dr. Sako and Cris Anu. I would be hesitant to draw conclusions of financial mismanagement by the IG until the financial secretary has made a full account and disclosure of monies donated and managed under his watch. This is what Cris Anu and many supporters of the IG have called on him to do. I fully support the IG.

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