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Run Away Separatist Fighters go on Rampage again



Run Away Separatist Fighters go on Rampage again

By Mbah Godlove

At a time when many conflict analysts feel that negotiation and not a military option is the only way to silence guns in Ambazonia, French Cameroun has a different viewpoint.

For close to 2 years now the colonial regime has been struggling to cause division among Ambazonia fighters by making them feel that victory was unattainable.

This was done through the creation of a center known as disarmament demobilization and reintegration.

Barely a year ago, French Cameroun tricked former Ambazonian fighters into dropping their guns

After failing to fulfill the promises made several months ago, the so-called “ex-combatants” have for the second time taken to the streets of Buea to rubbish the Yaounde administration.

“Some of us are husbands and fathers and can not be kept here for this long without anything happening because people depend on us”, one of the boys lamented as they mounted barricades Friday, March 19 to voice their grievances.

The outing of the boys has left officials of the colonial regime worried as the truth of the protest now makes global headline News.

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