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Kumba Massacre: Prof. Maurice Kamto Calls For Mediation, Troop’s Withdrawal From Ambazonia



Maurice Kamto

Kumba Massacre: Prof. Maurice Kamto Calls For Mediation, Troop’s Withdrawal From Ambazonia

By Mbah Godlove

French Camerounian opposition politician, Maurice Kamto has for the first time called on the International Community to broker a peace deal between Ambazonian leaders and the country’s colonial regime.

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM’s President revealed in a media outing recently that mediation is one of the main factors that could put an end to the ongoing mayhem in Ambazonia.

Struck by the brutal killing of 8 school children in Kumba days ago, the lawyer cum politician entreated the Biya regime which he said has failed to move to the dialogue table for the mediation process to kickstart.

Prof. Maurice Kamto also outlined amongst other issues the withdrawal of troops and the release of detained Ambazonian leaders as a sine qua non to put to rest the four-year-long war.

The statement from Professor Kamto coincided with the controversial visit of three colonial ministers lead by Paul Atanga Nji of Interior, to Kumba, where the school children were trigger-happy gunned down.

A woman of God lampooned atrocities of the colonial regime in Ambazonia after Minister Paul Atanga Nji took to the rostrum to crown President Paul Biya as a God-ordained leader.

It is left to be seen if Prof. Maurice Kamto’s call for mediation would be treated with seriousness given that it is not the first time such pronouncements are made. On February 14 this year, colonial troops massacred about 30 women and children in Ngarbuh, Ndonga Mantung County, Northern Zone, but repeated calls for a mediated dialogue seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.

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