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Ayaba Cho




Fellow Ambazonians,

The strategic leader of the Ambazonia War of Independence has today Sunday the 25th of August 2019 officially announced AGovC’s alliance with the leadership in jail. In his own words, Dr. Cho Ayaba insisted that an alliance with Sisiku AyukTabe is ‘CRITICAL’ for the recognition of Ambazonia. In the same interview with BaretaNews’ CEO Mark Bareta, the leader went further to EXTEND the same commitment to all the natural partners with whom Sisiku is working with and has endorsed.

It must be noted that this newly established collaboration comes at a time when some senior statesmen of our revolution have through their spokesperson Senior citizen Christmas Ebini have called both men to meet with them in Washington DC. Both sides have since committed to that meeting and have each issued official statements affirming their presence.

The Executive Office would like to reiterate to our citizens that it is a policy of the Charter of the Ambazonia Governing Council to engage and collaborate with all nationalist movements in our war of independence; especially movements whose actions, utterances and respect for an overall cohesion foster our liberation war. This is why the leader Dr. Cho Ayaba used an opportunity today to RE-AFFIRM AGovC’s commitment to continue working within ARCC and all its constituent members as she charts her way through this war. In his words, he named movements like MoRISC as a natural partner of AGovC, adding that though he disagrees with MoRISC on some policy position, he sees the spokesman Comrade Boh Herbert and the entire MoRISC team as a veritable force in this revolution. A force that he is always ready and willing to work with.

On the sentencing of the jailed leadership, Dr. Cho Ayaba said: “Cameroun has just given us a renewed energy to re-ignite the passion of our people to intensify our resistance on the ground.” He added that such an outrageous sentence is actually inconsequential to us Ambazonians but should rather be seen as a slap on the face of the international community which has been calling for dialogue to resolve the warring parties. The leader before moving on to the topic of schools used the opportunity to draw the interest of these foreign states on the need for them to begin to reconsider their position with the state of Cameroun vis a vis Ambazonia.

Of all these foreign states, Dr. Ayaba Cho singled out the state of Nigeria as a case study to prove to the world how tolerant, loving and accommodating we as a people are. Considering the fact that the government of Buhari was an indisputable participant in the rendition of our citizens back to Cameroun, some of whom were refugees in his country, it is now very evident that they have taken the side of Paul Biya. An administration that has deliberately defied the ruling of its own judicial system, a system that recently mandated the return of our citizens back to its territory; their silence to that ruling only speaks volume. We the people of Ambazonia despite these glare evidence have instead embraced all of their citizens within our homeland. It is such a show of grace and love by our people that the leader sort to show the world how civil and tolerant our people are. Not even the French Cameroun citizens who live amongst us have been threatened or harmed. These acts of kindness are all because we as a people do recognize the rights of these civilians civil liberties and human rights amongst us and as a nation are determined and ready to protect those rights irrespective of the carnage their government has been and continues to effect upon our villages, towns, and people.

To our people in ground zero, the leader extended words of encouragement and hope to everyone both within the territory and those living as refugees. He insisted that he does understand the pain that comes with lockdowns and that is why he rarely calls for one. He hailed a fellow citizen who had called him from homeland to show support but also to express his take about the effects that certain actions by leadership has on him and other citizens. He said the citizen admitted that he understands that there is no action that leadership can take that will not affect him and his other fellow citizens, adding that that’s exactly the reason why he and the rest of our citizens are ready to accept a reasonable harsher lockdown so far as such a lockdown helps the revolution as a whole and brings us closer to Buea.
Regarding schools, the leader was clear. The right of our children to life supersedes their right to education. With the current security challenges, the leader insisted that our schools will remain closed.

Fellow Ambazonians, you may have noticed a vast coordinated DUMPING of news headline with attacks on the President as well as the CEO of BaretaNews. The leader would like to let our people know that these attacks were expected. He wants our people to see these planted and deliberate attack as a sign that those who murdered our little 6month old baby less than 48hrs ago are now desperate to divert attention from their deeds. That they do not want the world to see the lifeless body of our little baby in her own pool of blood but rather to focus on an IMAGINARY RAPE accusation that NEVER HAPPENED. They tried to tag us as terrorists, but failed. They had temporary changed to secessionist thinking it will soothe our hearts and hopefully soften our resolve but that also did not work. After acknowledging in private that our resistance has become even more sophisticated and that the resolve of our brave fighters is now a DO OR DIE, they have set their eyes on leadership.

Fellow citizens, Cameroun had already issued WARRANTS on SOME leaders in this war. They have even condemned some who had been tagged as compromised but unfortunately for them, that only intensified the resistance. This is a message that Dr. Ayaba Cho has asked the Executive Office to convey to Yaounde,“ THE AMBAZONIA WAR OF INDEPENDENCE IS FAIL PROOF. No amount of decapitation of its leadership can stop it. Come to the table and let’s negotiate our terms of separation without which the downward spiral effect of Cameroun both in the addition of military widows to the crumbling of its economy will only INTENSIFY.” International investments within Cameroun the leader would like to reiterate are now on Ambazonia’s CROSSHAIRS.

Executive Office
August 25, 2019

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