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Buea, Mile 17 Motor Pack Shutdown Days to May 20 Disbanded Event



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Buea, Mile 17 Motor Pack Shutdown Days to May 20 Disbanded Event

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The momentum at the busy Buea mile 17 motor pack has witnessed a drastic decrease as the May 20 colonial national day approaches.

Since Monday, May 15 commercial activities have been at a standstill as locals respect a symbolic lockdown announced by restoration forces.

The lockdown, BarataNews understands runs from Monday to Friday, May 20, 2022, a day Ambazonians have very bad memories off.

On the said date 50 years ago, French Cameroun organized a window dressing referendum, scrabbing off the Southern Cameroonian legacy and imposing their colonial identity on Ambazonians.

Today, Ambazonians are poised to change the narrative and regain their identity as Southern Cameroonians.

Boss station owner and other business operators at the mile 17 motor pack shutdown activities in solidarity with restoration forces who continue to wrestle colonial soldiers to free Ambazonia.

Just like that Buea mile 17 motor pack, the picture is not different in most Ambazonian towns and cities.

The people are united in breaking the deadlock brought on them at the French Cameroun-organised referendum 50 years ago.

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