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Vice-President Dabney Yerimah Independence Address: 11 Take-Aways



Vice-President Dabney Yerimah Independence Address: 11 Take-Aways
The Vice President of the Ambazonia Interim Government aka IG-CARE has delivered a 19 minutes Independence statement to Ambazonians. Mark Bareta followed through the show and captured the following key points
1. Sends greetings from President Sisiku AyukTabe and leadership in jail to all sons and daughters of Ambazonia
2. Recommends all compatriots in ground zero and one to be vigilant as they celebrate Independence day
3. Says the IG continues to fund self-defense fighters in their pursuit of technology to defend Homeland
4. Salutes bravery of Freedom Fighters on the ground
5. Regrets two weeks lockdown imposed by another liberation faction and Officially apologizes to Ambazonians on the ground.
6. Says Yaounde and their tribal warlords must know that there is nothing greater than the strong will of a people defending themselves. Declare that Cameroun shall fail
7. Insisted that Federalism is out of the question of Ambazonia agenda
8. Urge Camerounese to rise up against the tyranny in Yaounde and liberate themselves
9. Declares that no peace and security in Ambazonia means there shall be none in Cameroun
10. Says even though Cameroun has powerful lobbying machinery, Ambazonians have the truth on their sides and truth Wins always
11. Reminds Ambazonians to never think of stopping now less we remain slaves forever
Happy Independence Day
Brought to you by Mark Bareta
Ambazonia Activist
September 30th, 2021

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