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Ambazonian War Of Independence: ACT Press For Tougher US Sanctions On French Cameroun




Ambazonian War Of Independence: ACT Press For Tougher US Sanctions On French Cameroun

By Mbah Godlove

A group of Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora known as Ambazonian Coalition Team, ACT, has entreated the US government to unleash more stringent sanctions on French Cameroun’s officials.

In a letter addressed to the US Secretary of State recently, ACT saluted the a decision by the US government to sanction colonial officials who have been fanning flames of the ongoing carnage in Ambazonia.

It was also an opportunity for the ACT to call for tougher measures against the French Camerounian officials.

Hear them: “We encourage the U.S to extend such restrictions to family members and to lobby American allies to impose similar restrictions as well as sanctions, including travel bans, asset freezes, arms, economic and financial embargoes and other initiatives to isolate the Biya regime and it’s sponsors.”

The Ambazonian Coalition Team unequivocally called on the United Nations to evoke the principle of Responsibility to Protect, R2P, by deploying a UN peacekeeping force to the war-torn Ambazonia.

Meantime, the activists declared their willingness to participate in any genuine dialogue with La Republique du Cameroun inorder to resolve the stalemate in Ambazonia.

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