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Abdulkarim Salutes Trump’s Efforts In Southern Cameroons Independence Struggle



Pre-1972 Federation Cameroon- Ambazonia

Abdulkarim Salutes Trump’s Efforts In Southern Cameroons Independence Struggle

By Mbah Godlove

Popular Southern Cameroonian Activist, Abdulkarim Ali, has expressed gratitude to US President, Donald Trump, for recognizing the plight of Ambazonians who have been under French Cameroun’s colonial rule for over half a century.

This is contained in an open letter addressed to the US President Thursday, February 6, 2020.

Talking on behalf of Southern Cameroonians, the learned and outspoken Abdulkarim said “thank you for recognizing our sufferings and especially the Injustice exacted on us by French Cameroun”

The Muslim scholar furthers that they, (southern Cameroonians), are hopeful that after his recent impeachment exoneration by the US Senate, Trump’s focus will now be to ensure that Justice is implemented and the sufferings of Ambazonians are addressed by bringing French Cameroon to the Swiss led peace process which Abdulkarim said the President’s government had already endorsed.

“Sir the only reason we are fighting is that we want to be fairly heard by the competent authorities ( US and UN). We want to be on a table of negotiation with La Republique Du Cameroun and we seek Justice” Abdulkarim said.

The once incarcerated activist equally inform Trump of the numerous Human Rights Abuses committed by French Cameroun Soldiers in Ambazonia since the liberation war broke out in 2016.

“I humbly remind Mr. President that time is of the essence as our population dwindles in number by the ticking of the clock as we are being killed hourly, our children can’t study concretely, our people are in refugee camps in West Africa and South America in their hundreds of thousands, our women and children are internally displaced in hundreds of thousands, over 300 of our villages razed to dust with our parents in some cases, our women, boys, girls and men scattered in detention centers without charges; Just to name but a few Sir.” He recounted.

Meantime, Abdulkarim Ali used the opportunity to described Trump as the best leader America has ever had, stating “you are the most significant President America has seen in contemporary history. You are a pragmatic man. You master your tongue and possess a good knowledge of the world’s affairs”

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