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How Yaounde Plans, Amateurishly to Dodge the September Bullet in New York



How Yaounde Plans, Amateurishly to Dodge the September Bullet in New York

The adage goes that: “when the gods want to destroy a King, they first send him mad”. This is what is happening to the Cameroonian, Octogenarian Dictator and genocide perpetrator, Paul Biya and his gangsteric government. The government, made up mostly of mediocre with no idea what it takes to handle conflict like the one ongoing in the Cameroons, has resorted to international blackmail as a way of forcing its views on the international community.

After the release of a leaked letter signed by the resident coordinator of the UN system in Yaounde, warning Biya of impending doom, come to the UN Session in September, if by then his government has done nothing concrete to try and end the genocidal war in Southern Cameroons, Biya has chosen to divert attention.

The Cameroon government cabal tried unsuccessfully to blackmail the US government, like they did Nigeria under Buhari, to extradite Southern Cameroons Liberation activists, by attempting to tag America as a “terrorism” enabler. They did not end at that. The Biya government has hired at least 4 lobby firms in the US to try and sell their “unattractive poetry” to US politicians that Southern Cameroons leaders, stumping for the freedom of their people were indeed terrorists. The ploy has failed dismally, and today attention is turned to local newspapers to give the sour thought and approach another touch.

The very uncreative and reactionary government, controlled at this point by notorious ex-convicts like Atanga Paul Nji, hatched another plan and executed it in a most amateurish manner. The chorusing of the names of some leaders and activists, tying them and their home governments to claims of terrorism and terrorism enabling, when the entire world knows the root cause of the Southern Cameroons question, leaves one to wonder whether Yaounde thought of the boomerang effect.

No one needs a second thought to know that the headlines around Ayaba Cho and the Leader of Norway, and then Mark Bara and Belgian leaders are the handiwork of lopsided minds like those of Atanga Paul Nji, Rene Emmanuel Sadi, Jacques Fame Ndongo, and a few others.

A few days ago, Atanga Paul Nji was in Douala dishing out threats to the press and promising tough times to those that will not report according to the whims and caprices of the genocidal and bloodthirsty government of President Paul Biya. The premises of Equinox TV were surrounded by the Police on Sunday, August 18 during the broadcast of the program “Droit de Reponse”, in intimidating attempts on the panelists who were clearly revealing the atrocities of the government.

Yaounde absolutely is not prepared for any international negotiations to end the killings. Yaounde is not willing to be part of any peace talks. Yaounde is aware they have no legal claims over the territory of Southern Cameroons with clearly traced and fully recognized international boundaries: going for mediated talks at this point is naturally seen by France and its puppets as voluntary suicide.

Time is running out on Dictator Paul Biya and such childish play, like the Chorus song by local newspapers about Norway, Belgium and perhaps others, is likely to only open another front.

John Mbah Akuroh



  1. Sunshine

    August 28, 2019 at 1:31 AM


    Has biya of french cameroun any rebuttal to this statement?
    “Biya has no legal claims over the territory of Southern Cameroons
    with clearly traced and fully recognized international boundaries:
    going for mediated talks at this point is naturally seen by France
    and its puppets as voluntary suicide.”

    If biya is killing off Ambazonians because of greed and false claims on what is not his in Ambazonia, then the war in Southern Cameroon will go on as Ambazonians will resist biya and east cameroun forever. The UN that paved the way and supported biya to declare the war on poor Ambazonians cannot be trusted since they continue to enable biya to continue killing of Ambazonians.

    • Jon

      August 28, 2019 at 11:30 AM

      Sunshine, What you have written is COMICAL? And do you know The imbecile MUKONG SMEAGOL (GOLLUM)?


      How low can imbeciles like MUKONG SMEAGOL (GOLLUM) go? VERY LOW!!!

      MUKONG SMEAGOL (GOLLUM), A CROSS-BREED of a RABID DOG and a PIG, the most educated guy in the VILLAGE of IGNORANCE, LAKUNLE said the following: “Our Powercam, Cameroon Bank, Tole tea plantation, Ndu tea plantation, Produce Marketing Board, Nangah Company, Formenky Company, Victoria seaport, Mamfe airport, Bali airport, Tiko airport, Yoke hydro-electric plant, Buea mountain hotel, Ringway Hotel and many more are all ruined because of imbeciles who are more interested in enjoying a good life by answering yes sir all the time to the french leeches at the expense of hard working Ambazonians.” MUKONG SMEAGOL accuses Mr Biya of being responsible for the failure or bankruptcy of private companies, like Nangah Company, Formenky Company, etc. What has the ownership and running of private companies, hotels, Ndu tea plantation, Tole tea plantation, etc. have to do with Mr Biya and his successive Governments over the years? MADNESS!!! MADNESS!!! WHEN NEXT YOUR WIFE IS PREGNANT KNOW THAT IT IS MR BIYA, PUT HIS NAME ON THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE AS FATHER. THE CHILD WILL LIVE A LIFE OF LUXURY IN SWITZERLAND. BIYA IS SHAGGING YOUR WIFE! And this IMBECILE lives in the USA. Do you blame the US Government for President Trump’s past bankruptcies?

      MUKONG SMEAGOL (GOLLUM), says the land of his ancestors is full of dark forces. The Governor was just trying to help get rid of some or all of the dark forces so that MUKONG SMEAGOL could return to the land of his ancestors. Trump doesn’t like people from “shithole” or arsehole countries.

      The land of YOUR ANCESTORS IS IN UTTER DARKNESS and it has been TAKEN OVER (100%) BY INNUMERABLE, AND INDOMITABLE FORCES OF DARKNESS that CANNOT BE OVERCOME by SHIT-NO-WIPE-LASS ambazonia terrorists, “to God be the Glory as come rain, come sunshine”.

      Did you escape to the USA because of the forces of darkness in the land of your ancestors? FORCES OF DARKNESS KNOW NO NATIONAL BOUNDARIES, AND YOU CAN REST ASSURED THAT THEY KNOW WHERE YOU’RE. NO HIDING PLACE FOR THE WICKED. THEY ARE ALREADY TAKING OVER YOUR BRAIN, that is what is behind your RANTS. That is why you should answer my questions with alacrity before the takeover is complete and you are 100% BONKERS.

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