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Press Conference In Kondengui? The Madness Of La Republique








Press Conference In Kondengui? La Republique Has Lost it all.

Something must be wrong with a French man. I am sorry to say that the Camerounese breed in over side Mungo thinks that they are still dealing with a 19th century World where everything is analogue and where CRTV controls information. So long as they have failed to understand what keeps this struggle going then something is wrong with their medulla Oblongata

BaretaNews is now getting confirm reports that La Republique ministers have visited our leaders and people in jail to force them to organise a press conference calling for school resumption otherwise death sentences await them. How dump could this regime be? How do you think making a press conference with our leaders and people still in jail, dictating to them what to tell Southern Cameroonians will cause School Resumption? Do they really think that Southern Cameroonians will obey any words from our people in jail while we know very well that they are still in jail and not free? Don’t be foolish La Republique and shut up.

A pride comes before a fall. If you want effective school resumption and things to be normal, follow the advise of the UN. Release all Southern Cameroonians in jail, start the dialogue process to address the root cause of the crisis and only then will the Southern Cameroons Leadership call for a halt for school resumption while things are sorted out.

As it stands, so far as our people remains in jail, any call from them from jail whether they put on the wildest smile on their faces as dictated by you shall be only be throwing water on carmels back. It shall be angrily rejected. In fact, it will only end up to radicalised the people more.

We however, continue to have faith with our people in jail that they will resist such cosmetic move from agents of devil in the form of La Republique and continue hoping that as we shut down schools and push on with the struggle, they will eventually be out.


Mark Bareta
Whatsapp Number +32465520299

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