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Northern Zone’s Colonial Governor Bows For Ambazonian Defense Forces



Northern Zone’s Colonial Governor Bows For Ambazonian Defense Forces

By Mbah Godlove

The colonial Governor of Ambazonia’s Northern zone, Adolphe Lele L’Afrique, has saluted the bravery and tactics of Ambazonia Defense Forces, and called for a cease in the motorization of colonial products into Southern Cameroons.

On Sunday September 22, Ambazonian Defense Forces received an allert that two petrol tankers were deployed from La Republique du Cameroun to Bamenda, with the motive of razing villages in the northern zone.

Reacting promptly to this, pro-independence fighters reportedly stopped the vehicles from reaching the heart of Bamenda city and conflagrated them.

Following the inferno, proconsul Lele L’Afrique, in a statement, banned heavy loaded vehicles containing LRC’s products from entering Ambazonia.

“We will not want Brassieres and trucks to suffer colossal damages. Bars should shut down if possible because separatists are targeting them.”

The Governor hailed the intrepidity of restoration fighters, stating they are now well armed as compared to 2 years back, when they only had influence over the social media.

“Be careful with separatists. They [liberationists]
have guns seized from our military. We will try our best to defeat them. So, respect our orders,” he warned his treacherous compatriots.

It is worth recapitulating that since octogenarian president, Paul Biya, waged war on Southern Cameroonians, besides indiscriminate cases of murder, hundreds of houses have been torched.

Many Ambazonian citizens have thanked their liberation combatants for having not let the fuel tankers into their villages which according to them, would have resulted in another genocidal act.

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