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Panicky Colonial Administrator Reinforces Curfew On Buea








Kouam Wokam Paul, the colonial Divisional Officer of Buea, has reinforced a gubernatorial decision, imposing curfew on Buea. In a release dated, 7 may, 2018, Wokam Paul reinstated the suspension of circulation of people and goods, in and around Buea, from 7pm to 6am.

According to Reports, Wokam Paul says the decision is to pre-empt any incursion by the Amba forces. He added that he is acting on intelligence information that stated that the Ambazonian fighters are on Buea soil and are ready to strike at any time.

“Our security gathering, got hold of intelligence information stating that the (Amba fighters) are in Buea, and are ready to combat our security forces. We decided to reinforce the order from the (colonial) governor, banning circulation from 7pm till 6am,” Wokam Paul affirmed.

The panicky colonial administrator added that should anyone default the gubernatorial decision, the colonial forces of LRC shall act according to the law.

Marathon Fencing of Houses

Meanwhile, the residence of the colonial DO of Buea, Wokam Paul, witnessed a marathon fencing. The work that began on Monday May 7, 2018, is said to have been executed by Tuesday May 8. Inside sources say, the panicky DO was acting on the intelligence that he is one of the targets of the Ambazonian forces, when they eventually arrive in buea.

It should be recalled that an anonymous caller had told the DO, and other colonial administrators in Buea, that they should pack and leave the Federal capital of Ambazonia or they would be dealt with. The information sent fever-waves down the spines of the colonial administrators such that they beefed up the security forces around them.

Meanwhile, the slave Mayor of Buea, Ekema Patrick, has installed a checkpoint in front of his residence. According to sources, Ekema Patrick is said to have indicated that he takes every threat from the Amba forces, seriously. Every vehicle that goes in or out of the mayor street, Checkpoint, buea, are forced to identify themselves, by the troops of army, Ekema has hired around him.

By Bernadette Nkembi,

Roving Reporter – BaretanNews

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