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Colonial Forces Begin Second Burning of Ambazonian Villages Along Buea-Kumba Road as UN Human Rights Council Meets



UN Human Rights

Colonial Forces Begin Second Burning of Ambazonian Villages Along Buea-Kumba Road as UN Human Rights Council Meets

The Colonial terrorist forces of Paul Biya, last night invaded villages along the Buea-Kumba road burning civilian houses and sending those who were still in their homes running into the bushes. BaretaNews got reports that the terrorist forces came from Kumba in military trucks to attack villages in the outskirts of the town. We are still to get reports on whether any civilian was killed or burned alive. This is happening at a time the UN human rights Council is meeting in Geneva, amidst a horrible human rights image for La Republique du Cameroun (LRC).

The villages affected include Ediki, Mbalangi and Banga Bakundu. This is the second burning spree by colonial forces in these villages. The Yaoundé terrorists had previously attacked the people, killing innocent civilians and their houses razed. This has caused a good number of inhabitants to desert these villages and now live in the forests.

Razing down these villages for the second time is their own way of clearing the Buea-Kumba road that has remained blocked since last Friday, by Ambazonian restoration fighters, thereby halting the Movement of goods and services from Kumba and neighbouring areas to the colonial Economic Capital Douala.

The colonial terrorist regime yesterday deployed military Armoured vehicles with fire power and helicopter gunships from Douala to identify and attack the bases of restoration forces in Ambazonia on land and from the air. Military Tanks, bulldozers and an additional number of terrorists forces were sighted yesterday leaving Douala and Yaoundé for the genocide mission in Ambazonia.

There are therefore possibilities of another bloodbath in Ambazonia by the terrorist regime in the hours and days ahead. The fact is that the forests are now mostly occupied by citizens whose villages have been burned down by the terrorist regime. Restoration forces as observed in the past week have left the forests and have been advancing into the cities. Consequently, attacking forests settlements from the air in the name of fighting restoration forces is a typical genocidal mission, as only refuge seeking civilians shall be targeted.

The increase atrocities of these colonial terrorists in Ambazonia are coming at a when the UN Human Rights Council is meeting in Geneva, with LRC boycotting the secession. The Council has already indicted the terrorist regime for refusing to give it access to investigate the rising concerns of human rights violations and atrocities committed by terrorist forces in Ambazonia.

It is the wish of this platform that the Human Rights Council will take drastic measures against the colonial regime at the end of this secession, in order to stop the further escalation of these colonial atrocities.

The decision of the US to pull out of the Council is a message to the Council that it is losing the confidence of its members and must take decisive measures against human rights abusers to regain the confidence of its members.


James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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