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We Produce Marriage Certificate with terms or we go separate ways- Ayah Abine



Ayah Goes Ballistic, Dish Off Political Correctness






October 23, 2017

Ayah Paul Abine has never held that there are two peoples in Cameru(oo)n. Ayah refers to a “judgment” of the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights to the effect that the inhabitants of Southern Cameroons are a PEOPLE. That is a subsidiary organ of the AU – UNO by extension – talking! Some lawyers would refer to Ayah’s pronouncement as a citation. Here is the relevant excerpt of Ruling No EX.CL/529(XV) of 13 – 27 May, 2009:
179. Based on that reasoning, the Commission finds that “the people of Southern Cameroon” qualify to be referred to as a “people” because they manifest numerous characteristics and affinities, which include a common history, linguistic tradition, territorial connection, and political outlook. More importantly they identify themselves as a people with a separate and distinct identity. Identity is an innate characteristic within a people. It is up to other external people to recognise such existence, but not to deny it.

Ayah then advises (free of charge) that, as there can be no two peoples in a member state of the United Nations except by virtue of voluntary association, assimilation or fusion, evidenced in writing and deposited at the secretariat general of the world body, Camerounese and Cameroonians should dialogue and agree how the two peoples can coexist in one state. Ayah then adds that, if the two peoples cannot agree, then they would go their separate ways.
Are those plotting to kill Ayah for adding this bit seriously and rationally recommending that Ayah ought to have said or ough to say that “If the two cannot agree, then they should stay together”? Then such people should have it here and now, once and for all, that Ayah Paul Abine is not made of that stuff!

Just this little bit: it is crystal clear that killing Ayah never can kill the “judgment”. Killing innocent people never ever can kill the “judgment”. Ignoring the “judgment” at present is merely postponing the issue: purely availing oneself of transient RESPITE. SERIOUS AND GENUINE DIALOGUE ONLY!
Those who have ears let them hear

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