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The Job Which We Started Must Be Completed- Dr Makongo










The job must be finished which you started.

-Many of our people are still missing since Oct 1st;
-Hundreds of our people are still illegally detained under worst conditions;
-Many dead bodies of our people are still buried either in mass graves or still laying in bushes;
-Many of our young men have been shot and permanently incapacitated;
-unwarranted arrests and extortion of money from our poor populations has become a lucrative business for some perverse administrative and law enforcement officers;
– Internet has been blocked in Southern Cameroons but being enjoyed in LRC because “dogs” dont need internet;
-Only CPDM is allowed to hold meetings and no other grouping is permitted to freely assemble;
-Small businesses are suffering, parents are broke and students are confused not knowing what tomorrow wound bring;
-Despite all this, life is too short but people are not willing to sacrifice for the type of change that they truly deserve.
-Despite all this elites have the guts to move from one meeting house to another tearing down each other and deceiving those who are ready to listen to them for one bottle 33 export.
My friends, there are no two ways out of suffering. Sacrifice is the only way out of this crisis and into self-determination. We must therefore:

1. Intensify ghost towns all over our territory,
2. Enforce no school resumption all over our lands;
3. Contribute towards medical treatment and well being of all our people shot and wounded;
4. Submit an official position for dialogue to the U.N. and other foreign nations;
5. Ground activities for at least 14 days in the entire SC until genuine dialogue begins, everyone is released or accounted for and until the U.N. calls for a referendum so that our people will know where their future lies.
6. Form a government and put in place national institutions that will cater for the people of Southern Cameroons from now on.
My friends, either do this now or let go so that our people can return to their usual life of being second class citizens where internet, safely, water and the right to life are not guaranteed.

No matter what choice we make today, always remember you have a country of your own called Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia for which so many have died and for which the job that was started must be finished. No turning back!

The struggle continues
Dr. David Makongo

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