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Batibo DO Arrest And The Fon Of Nyenjie Preventive Protection








Batibo DO Updates:

It is reported the Fon of Nyenjie, (a village in Batibo) has been whisked away by the Gendames. It is unclear at this point why he has been taken away. Some are suspecting it could be for his own protection as he has been accused in the past of coniving with the administrator and providing names of suspects in the community to the forces for arrest.

The whereabout of the DO remains unknown. There is a picture in circulation of a body in the mortuary purporting to be that of the DO, and claims he was found dead. These are all malicious lies being circulated. As of the last information we all heard and saw, the DO is still alive.

The search for the Divisional Officer has intensified with reports of more troops moved into the interior parts of Batibo, especially around the villages where the remains of the burnt car were found. There is every reason to believe the DO is still alive.

The security situation in Batibo remains tensed with most youths now leaving bushes.

It is alleged his captors have made certain demands. The informatiin is patchy as of now, and therefore can’t be confirmed.

Eric Acha

#ZeroElections2018 #FreeAllArrested #DialogueNow

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