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Cameroonian Lawyers from all ten regions are planning a nationwide protest in line with Parliament adoption of the Penal code. They want the Senate to send the bill back to the lower house and for President Biya to intervene. Cameroon Anglophone Journalists have also written a letter to Paul Biya demanding changes to the bill. Below are some highlights of the new provisions. However, the bone of contention here are the laws on tenants failing to pay 2 months rents and the immunity to government Ministers.

  • Indecent or illegal practices in any Public or private enterprise will lead to complete disintegration, permanent or temporal closure of the enterprise.
  • Renting fraud: Six months to three years imprisonment terms for recalcitrant tenants- (those refusing to pay their rents) will be charged with fines ranging from 100 to 300,000FCFA for evading two months rents.
  • Unscrupulous tenants who before leaving the house damages some equipment will be severely punished.
  • Three-year jail term for begging
  • Immunity for government ministers
  • Illegal sale of drugs is now a crime.
  • Adultery remains a criminal act not only against women, but men inclusive.
  • More jail terms for Homosexual acts
  • The eviction of a spouse from the matrimonial home by any person other than the spouse of the victim is now a crime.

Attached are some pictures of Bamenda and Kumba Lawyers protesting. BaretaNews expects the rest to join in the days ahead. BaretaNews vehemently supports the moves from the Lawyers. Aluta Continua

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