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The Union of the association of medical practitioners has accused the Minister of Higher Education, Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo of granting licenses to fake medical schools that do not qualify to train doctors and other health professionals.

The accusation is contained in a correspondence the union sent to the Minister recently. The letter was signed by officials of the National Medical Council, the National Order of pharmacists and the association of dental surgeons. The bone of contention is that the Minister surreptitious authorised two fake private medical schools at Elat in the South Region and Foumban in the West Region.

It is for this reason that the union stated in their letter that they were suspended their participation from the National commission that is playing the watchdog over the training of medical professionals in private institutions.

The outfit was created in 2012 to arrest the chaos that reigned in the country. The commission created on the orders of the President of the Republic is under the auspices of the Prime Minister. The commission had resolved that medical training institutions that were not qualified will not be given licenses to function. During one of the meetings Prof. Fame Ndongo, pledged to close down all the clandestine schools saying only schools that qualify will be given licenses

A qualify teaching staff, good infrastructure, and good pedagogic equipment are some of the criteria that such schools need to fulfill to qualify. Members of the medical association said they were shocked to learn that the Minister authorised two fake medical schools.

They hold that reasons that led to the closing down of some medical schools in the country are now put to question.

The medical professionals observed that the scandals that rocked some hospitals in the country recently are not unconnected with the degradation of medical training in Cameroon. To him, the doctors that are churned out from some schools are not well trained to face the reality in the field.

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