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Genocide in Ambazonia: Investigative Journalist Uncovers New Horrible Killing Strategy



Targeted Killings

Genocide in Ambazonia: Investigative Journalist Uncovers New Horrible Killing Strategy

The Paul Biya orchestrated genocide on the sovereign people of Southern Cameroons/ Ambazonia is continuing unabated, despite the genuine resistant efforts of Ambazonian restoration forces, which have considerably reduced frequent invasions, lootings and burning of over 90 villages by the colonial terrorist forces from Yaoundé.

And so, international investigative journalist Eli Smith has uncovered a new strategy adopted by the blood suckers to massacre the Ambazonian people, especially those plying the Buea-Kumba road. In a tweet on Wednesday June 18, 2018, the journalist particularly warned bus drivers and market women who make constant use of the road to be cautious in their movement in order to avoid being innocently executed by the terrorist forces.

The new diabolic strategy of the terrorist regime according to Eli Smith is by intercepting passenger vehicles plying the roads, arrest occupants and summarily execute them. The executed passengers will then be branded and presented to the blood sucking regime and world as Ambazonian restoration fighters.

This is a serious revelation and allegation which the world must not only take seriously but should rise to their responsibilities and do the needful to protect the innocent vulnerable masses against a bloody regime determined to completely wipe out a people. This is a regime that declared war on its supposed citizens and is bend on annihilating the entire Ambazonian race in order to continuously and illegally occupy their territory.

Senior investigative journalist Eli Smith is not any kind of journalist who could be said to be raising a false alarm. He is a trusted hand with proven integrity both at the national and international stage. This is the same journalist who was the first to reveal through his investigative findings, that the Pinyin Menka Massacre was a planned act by the blood sucking CPDM elite in Santa.

This revelation was later on corroborated by the chairman of the opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) party, who noted that he has impeccable evidence that the Pinyin Menka massacre was carefully planed and orchestrated by regime barons in Santa. They even went to the extent of wiping out survivors from hospital beds in order to hide evidence. As we write, no colonial administrator or any of the so-called elites has ever visited the scene of the mayhem.

BaretaNews is by this also cautioning Ambazonians in the homeland to be very cautious of their movements. The people must now do everything to avoid constant contact with the Yaoundé terrorists. The regime is increasingly desperate to drink fresh innocent blood, but the people must play their own role in whatever means possible not to give the regime this opportunity.

It is becoming increasingly clear that this bloody regime is bent on annihilating the entire people of Ambazonia, just to continuously get hold of what doesn’t belong to them. If not, why would any government in the world intercept a passenger bus and massacre its occupants, just because they are Ambazonians? We hope those that matter and who have the duty to prevent these atrocities are reading us. They must act now or never. There are already enough history lessons in Africa and the world to learn from and avoid this catastrophe.


James Agbor,

BaretaNews Political Analyst

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