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The social media or call it the Android generation is not sleeping. Cameroonians are bent to expose any detail of the regime corruption and fraud. Fraud and corruption are the regime playbook and can be found in almost all institutions in the country, especially in the school of magistracy where the highest bidder wins. Very few Cameroonians get into the ENAM by merit. The majority are sons and daughters of regime barons or those who pay huge sums of money. God being so good, each year they release the results, one or two frauds are exposed


The fact that Anglophones are marginalized in getting admitted into the institution is another ball game. Yesterday, BaretaNews noted that according to the official results published and signed by the DG of ENAM, Linus Toussaint Mendjana on August 10th, a certain name Atangana Joseph Yannick appeared twice. It appeared on the Economics and Finance list (name number 11 ) and same time appeared on General Administration (name number 26). Given that both courses were written simultaneously, it remains magical how could one person take both exams on the same day and time? The only possible answer is that this guy never took the exam at all. His name was included on both lists. He should be the son of one top baron in the regime or must have been the highest bidder.

Meanwhile, reports from the Cameroons says the Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV) national station in Yaounde on Thursday, August 11th night read a different list of those who passed the ENAM entrance exams signed and published by the Director General of the school of Administration and Magistracy on the 10th of August 2016. In reading the list CRTV carefully took off the name of Joseph Atangana Yanick from the Economy and Finance section which had appeared twice.

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However, Hon.Martin Oyono, the CPDM member of parliament for the Ocean Division, in the South Region, has reacted angrily to the scandal. In a Facebook post, he wrote “It is really sad ! We have not finished talking about the fraud, and this adds to the mess?”

It can be seen that CRTV did not make a mistake in reading the name of Atangana in both sections. They carefully removed the name because it was already a scandal.

BaretaNews still maintains that ENAM should be closed. It is the foundation of corruption in the Cameroons because it churns out criminals who go out to all institutions in the country to continue the government hegemony of fraud and corruption. Universities should be liberalised and have sections that could train government officials needed by the state, so that people get into the Universities by merit and get employed by the state through competition and merit.

God is still saying something.

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