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There is a silent majority of Africans who are supporting Trump. Most of whom are not in the USA and do not have voting powers. But the frenzy of the US election cannot go unnoticed. This election year is a special year.

Speaking to a Cameroonian Youth in Finland Mr. Tchoumi Njike, he gave quite a write-up why he thinks Hillary ( Killary) will be bad for the world. He writes:

#TRUMP for president and he will make not only America great again but the rest of the world. voting Killary as president of the USA will be the worst mistake from the American people as she will definitely be the cause of the 3rd world war looking from her past global policies. She voted for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and she was the main protagonist that advocated towards the destruction of a modern state (Libya) created by the almighty Muammar Gaddafi.

She also supported the Obama government moves towards providing weapons to ISIS in order to destroy Syria as they did with Lybia. Killary, Obama, and the Multinational oil cooperation are the ones that created ISIS for their personal enrichment. The world is in chaos today because of people like Killary. Of late she has been referring to Russia as an American enemy which to me is a total bullshit. She’s just one of the Multinational oil cooperation candidate that will make the world probably the worst era ever to live. If she was that honest from the onset she could have resigned from the democratic primaries when news of her private emails was made known to the American people for a proper investigation by the FBI.

“Three FBI field officers wanted to open an investigation into the Clinton Foundation, but it was killed by Obama’s Department of Justice” (source CNN). She constantly used her position as the US secretary of state to received a huge donation to the Clinton foundation in exchange of American contracts and protection, as revealed by her private emails. She’s very obsessed with power and wants to be the president of America by all means possible. People don’t believe the liberal medias because they are all agents of crooked Killary Clinton. What the US and the world need today is a neutral person in the game of politics like Donald J. Trump….Njike concluded.

Timah Rene, Cameroon social critic added “The emergence of Donald Trump will give rise to a multipolar world, with China and Russia entering the game in full strength. This will reduce US hegemony and may give an opportunity for Africa to chose their trading partners without fear of regime change since Trump will not work in line with the EU and NATO ”


However, Vicky Fokala, Cameroon’s Entrepreneur disagrees, she wrote ” Donald Trump is bad news for America, the world and Africa. He is unpresidential, he cannot keep a straight truth. His language and intentions are bad even for our kids. He is radical in his policies and knows nothing about how to keep the world peaceful… NOT like we have a lot of it but we probably just need a possible reduction or maintenance of it. Not someone to make it worse “.

Nde Emmanuel, Cameroon’s young atheist thinks Donald Trump would have been good for a small country not a powerhouse like the USA. He argues ” If he was the President of a small country that hadn’t much power to will in world arena he would have made a mediocre president based on the fact that he would not succumb to any claptrap or become a puppet. But he is running for the office of a leader consider by the lots as leader of the free world. He couldn’t be any worst for that office. A man who can easily get cornered and his buttons pushed by anyone is not worth having access to one of the world’s largest arsenal and military ”

Geofry Areneke thinks Donald Trump is an embodiment of hatred. He explains ” I don’t think he is good . First and foremost he inspires hate and supported the killing of Ghadafi as well and for him to pretend now is hypocrisy to the top levels .There are a lot of African immigrants who live illegally in the USA and Trump’s policy is to deport them despite their contribution to the USA economy . More so , Trump will be an extension of Bush because he is a dictator and sees things only in his own way . That is not good for Africans .

Someone who calls Africans lazy , criminals and rapist is not good for African people . Trump indirectly supports the killing of blacks by police in USA by standing on the side of the police and not denouncing their barbaric behaviours . More so , Trump believes Muslim is synonymous to Jihadist. Therefore all Muslims are terrorist which is not true . There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and less than 1 million of them support terrorism . That is about 0.0625%.

Finally, Trump has very limited attention to details , he is unsteady , appeals to what people want to hear not what is actually factual . He picks fights like a teenager with those who don’t agree with him . Someone who mocks disabled people and has dubbed people a lot of money in the name of Trump university as well as declare bankruptcies which made him richer while contractors and workers suffer is not the kind of president to lead the free world . He is just self-centered . His temperament can only be compared to a 2-year-old girl throwing tantrums . That is not someone who can lead the free world . Donald Trump is not a neutral candidate , he has always been part of the establishment. He has supported and lobbied for candidates as recent as 2008 when he sponsored the Hilary he calls a crooked today. He has always been part of the establishment . In 2012 Trump said Hilary has been the best Secretary of State in USA history.

It is fair to note that, these arguments posits by these gentlemen are the same arguments you will find in BBC, CNN, etc comment sections when Africans from Nigeria, Somalia, Rwanda etc are engaging in the debate against Hillary. The expressions described above are exactly why the silent majority of Africans will love to see a DONALD TRUMP PRESIDENCY though some see him as bad for Africans.

God is still saying something.

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