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Trump or Hillary: Foreign Policies Will Be Same



BaretaNews started the debate on why some Africans love Trump because of his foreign policies. However, Cameroon’s prolific writer, Dibussi Tande disagrees. He argues:

Africans who support Trump because of foreign policy considerations are naive and will be sorely disappointed if Trump becomes president, because, as Bill Clinton rightly pointed out after his election in 1992, “… America’s administrations change, America’s fundamental interests do not”.
Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger once pointed out that “one of the most unsettling things for foreigners is the impression that our foreign policy can be changed by any new president on the basis of the president’s personal preference”.
Details and approach might change from one administration to the other, but overall foreign policy considerations never change – this is what political scientists refer to as the “change and changelessness” of American foreign policy.

And this is why in spite of appearances, the foreign policy of Republican “warmonger” George Bush was fundamentally no different from that of Democratic “peacemaker” Obama. Whether it is Clinton or Trump next, American foreign policy will stay the course. Trump’s “America First” policy means America’s interests first anywhere, anytime, even if it means war… That is, has always been, and will always be the American way.

Remember, “serious nations do not redefine their national interests every few years… Foreign accomplishments generally come about because a nation has been able to sustain a course of action over a long period of time”- Tande concluded

Timah Rene, Cameroon’s Political Scientist, and social critic agree with Tande. He explains ” Trump or Hillary, the foreign policy of the US is unchanged. How many times have you heard either of the candidates talking about Africa with Libya being the exception?
They are talking about trade deals yet no one is talking about the continent that feeds the electronic market with raw material.
They understand the matrix of exploitation, which is paramount to US foreign policy. When Trump said US military should intervene and knockout Gadhafi and Libya will pay us. ” Pay us” is the central idea . As I said earlier the emergence of Trump will smooth a comfortable path for a multipolar world. Russia is not stupid to prefer Trump and Africa can make use of a multipolar environment. There are always intended and unintended consequences in politics. I am not a Trump supporter but a keen observer”- Timah concluded

However, Bertrand Abang resident in the UK despite the foreign policies, want to see Donald Trump as President. He posited ” He is a wild card in politics. One who is plain, which is not how politicians operate, a different germ or singing a different type of song, not belong to the so call elites in politics. I think the world need people like him to get a reality check. Democracy in itself has brought so much upheaval that we need the truth and clarity about certain aspects of life. For instance the Muslim problem. There are countries in the middle east that are not eligible for the DV lottery. That in itself is discrimination. If some people find it funny that people will kill others because of a course or for whatever reasons, I don’t condone in whatever outcome of actions Trump has to take to put an end to it, i.e stopping them from entering America till they figure out what is going on. In short, it has become a place where if you have a different way of seeing things out of the favourite elite, you are classified as weird. Answering directly, Trump will instill cynicism, be clear and plain. Which most politicians aren’t the world over and Africa in particular. I like his style because he spells the writing on the wall as they are, which is sometimes needed in the world we live in ”

BaretaNews added, we agree with Tande’s write-up but it seems the lesser evil will be Donald Trump. He will not engage in regime change or wars if not necessary. He will not be controlled by special interests just to make money for regime change and wars mongers. Politics is interest and each nation wants what is best for their people. So having Trump putting America’s interest first is not an issue. Our leaders in Africa do not understand this. They are just greedy and selfish.

God is still saying something.

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