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Southern Cameroons Women Boycotts Today’s Women’s day



Southern Cameroons Women Boycotts Today’s Women’s day

BaretaNews can now report that Southern Cameroons Women across all cities, villages, and communities have boycotted this year international women day. They became probably the first women in a nation to boycott this day. Our women boycotted because of the atrocities committed by the government of Paul Biya on Southern Cameroons men, sons and children. Southern Cameroonians continue to suffer abductions on a daily basis, therefore celebrating such a day would have been a travesty.

BaretaNews congratulates all Southern Cameroons women. We can also report that cities, towns, and communities remain calm, shops are largely closed with few circulation of taxis in some cities.

It is fair to say that the government of Paul Biya did not just go quiet on this day. We can also report that despite the 98.99 boycott of the women’s day by Southern Cameroonians women, in Kumbo for example, the grandstand saw some administrative officials with some wives of gendarmes, police, soldiers, etc marching. Our reporter says ” Not any number at all. very few in Kumbo”. In Bamenda, Limbe we are told some francophone women and civil servants (Uba administrators, Governor’s office, DOs office etc) who have been coerced are out. However, the number is nothing to write home about. The same is true in some other cities where we saw Francophone ladies, wives of administrators and some civil servants are out to celebrate this sad day.

BaretaNews can confidently report that despite these few colonial women and wives of privileged slaves trying to show their ugly heads, our Southern Cameroons women are home, most of them going about their normal activities, some going to the farm as most reports from Southern Cameroons suggest.

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