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The Strength In Southern Cameroons Unity: No Compromise










It is true that there are many advocacy movements for the restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons Ambazonia, but there is need to BELONG, RESPECT and SUPPORT the Interim President and his Interim Government

The Republic of Ambazonia(RoA) has existed since 1984 after Biya unilaterally changed the name of the country by a presidential decree No 001 of 04/02/1984, from the United Republic of Cameroon to The Republic Of Cameroun. This organization was founded and led by Fon Gorji Dinka, leader of the ancestral Widikum people at the time. As a seasoned Attorney, this organization has recorded great successes especially in the legal domain with respect to the Ambazonia restoration of Independence.

SCAPO formed after the failure of AAC1 and AAC2 which came up with the BUEA and BAMENDA Declarations respectively. SCAPO operates under the stewardship of Professor Martin Ayong Ayim. It is worthy to highlight that SCAPO-SCNC in their early days registered some immense victories alongside the SCNC as the Executive Governing Body. A case in point is the Banjul lawsuit with the ACHPR, the ABUJA HIGH COURT verdict, the delegation that visited the UNO was led by late J.N Foncha on 1st June 1995.

The 99% (315,000) voting in favour of independence of former British Southern Cameroons/ Ambazonia.

31st Dec. 1999 declaration of Southern Cameroons independence by Judge Ebong Frederick Alobwede are just some of the major successes of these brotherly organs including the SCYL.

SCNC founded in 1995 led by Frederick Alobwede Ebong with its ideology being separatism.

SCYL was formed 28th May 1995 on Buea by younger activists, who weren’t very pleased with how the restoration process was been handled back then by the SCAPO-SCNC.

Then came the Ambazonia Governing Council (AGC). Members from already existing organizations showing their dissatisfaction on how the restoration issue was handled, formed the AGC and Ayaba Cho Lucas as their leader.

Many organizations have exited, recording enormous victories along the line. The CONSORTIUM founded in 2016 after repeated calls by “we the people” saw the amalgamation of LAWYERS, TEACHERS, trade unions as well as TRADERS, TRANSPORTERS etc. The CONSORTIUM became the voice of the people, metamorphosed our struggle.

MoRISC, founded in 2016, and with its own contributions came up with the road map for the restoration of the independence of British Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia.

Note that both advocacy organizations or movements have contributed greatly to our journey thus far. They have either acted as bridges/linkages as one has either led to or envouraged the formation of the other movement. As we all know that there is strength in Unity, repeated calls for a UNITED FRONT led to the formation of SCACUF, which saw the amalgamation of both the old and new advocacy groups to pull their weight together in the same direction, inorder to hasten the restoration of our independence.

SCACUF has so far been the voice of the people. The people have endorsed it due to its unifying tendencies. If you were or have been a member of RoA, SCAPO, SCNC, SCYL, ALIP, AGC, CONSORTIUM, MoRISC etc, you are SCACUF because all these movements are part of SCACUF. Therefore, criticizing or trying to pull SCACUF down is in effect “SHOOTING YOURSELF BY THE LEG”.

–>> The formation of SCACUF was enough to keep Biya and his Etoudi palace in panic mood, while Ambazonians celebrated.
–>> The formation of SCACUF was ACCEPTED and ENDORSED by a great majority of Ambazonians. This is type of true democratic dispensations where “The minority have their say, while the majority have their way”.
–>> SCACUF represents the people of Ambaland with a recognized Interim President (Chairman) of an executive council, spokespersons to spearhead our process of restoration.

Conclusively, anyone who dares challenge the united front SCACUF, is challenging the entire Ambaland. It is time to all pull our weight behind the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Governing Body with H.E SISIKU AYUK TABE as the President and get this job done once and for all. After restoration, anyone or any group can then return to politicking, but now, those who joke with this movement are joking with the people’s lives.

Godbless the Federal Democratic Republic of Ambazonia.


Chris Bongam, Nationalist-and a Nation Builder, 14:12 pm Ambazonia Time, 18/08/2017

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