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The “Rwanda” Vision 4 Journalist Calling “Anglophones” Rats



Controversies Crops as Vision 4 Journalist Calls “Anglophones” Rats.

The Anglophone crisis takes another turn as more developing controversies sets in following Jean-Jacques Ze’s declaration on air via Vision 4 TV. In his last week’s Chronicle program, he declared that the campaign to arrest the people of West Cameroon is just as eliminating rats. This attribute met great criticisms from West Cameroonians who openly rebuked the journalist for degrading them to mere “rats”. According to the Consortium, “these are avenues for the preparation of a genocide against West Cameroonians”. This is inarguably true following the numerous abductions, arbitrary arrests, and detention of the people of West Cameroon. Worst still is the fact that communication has been halted following government decree that shut down the internet all over West Cameroon.

Sources reveal that these tactics devised by the government are a way of compelling West Cameroonians to keep dancing their rhythm. Analysts have argued with evidence that, it is a way to sabotage the Anglophone struggle. The big question is, will West Cameroonians backout? Will West Cameroonians continue to peacefully resist oppression? and will the government finally heed the call to return to meaningful dialogue with the people? Reactions of West Cameroonians have undoubtedly proven that they can stand and will continue to stand their grounds no matter the level of repression. They say no more to subjugation. So far, their aspirations are materializing following their non-violent revolutionary approach, their level of unity and solidarity.

History tells us that the “rat” attribute was used by Libya’s hardline leader Gaddafi in 2011. His 41-year leadership led to anti-government protests that swept across the country. In response, Gaddafi sent his forces to crush the protesters. Gaddafi openly told the public to “capture the rats” which apparently he was referring to anti-government demonstrators. He further referred to them as “cockroaches” and enemies of Libya who deserve nothing less than death. Libya ended a war-torn country and Gaddafi himself was instead crushed like a rat.

In this vein, the Anglophone Consortium strongly and fully condemns this statement from Mr. Jean-Jacques; according to the Consortium, like Gaddafi’s, the statement is meant to inflict hatred and lay grounds for an eventual genocide against a peaceful people. The Consortium lamented by adding that, they are officially requesting Vision 4 management to sack the said journalist and hand him over to the police. The Consortium went further to call on all West Cameroonians to condemn Jean-Jacques Ze.

Similarly, in 1992, the same situation happened in Rwanda where a top ruling politician in then ruling Hutu party openly declared to his crowd of supporters at a rally that members of the Tutsi minority population were “cockroaches” who have no place in Rwanda. Few years after, Tutsis were brutally slaughtered, worst ever genocide recorded in history. According to The Magazine (FP), the said politician was sentenced to life imprisonment for inciting prosecution, a crime against humanity. In essence, when such provocative statements are made especially in the heart of a crisis, it is but normal to bring to play these cases in history as a point of reflection and caution.

Following these historical events, it is normal for West Cameroonians to openly rebuke Jean-Jacques Ze, for reducing humans to mere animals who can be slaughtered indiscriminately. This is a glaring example of segregating West Cameroonians. Taking a look at the current situation; the internet blackouts, the militarization of towns and cities all across West Cameroon, the rape cases, indiscriminate killings, arbitrary arrests and detentions, one would conclude that tendencies of a would be genocide are developing gradually. This is the more reason why international organizations must come in now more than ever before

Akame Gerald with contributions from Mark Bareta.

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