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Harmonising the Cameroons educational system: it must be resisted




The Cameroons government led by Paul Biya is still putting on devilish means and ways to harmonised the educational system at the University level. The Common Law lawyers, University of Buea Lecturers Union-SYNES and CATTU are all putting a fierce fight to stop the government from taking on such a move.

BaretaNews noted that members of the Buea university chapter of the National Syndicate of Teachers of Higher Education, SYNES, the Cameroon Teachers’ Trade Union, CATTU, the Union of Parents, Teachers Association of Cameroon, UPTA and Common Law lawyers, issued a fiery press statement condemning what they described as “the plot by the Ministry of Higher Education, MINESUP, to destroy Anglophones as a cultural entity.”

The above mentioned unions were unanimous that the harmonization move, if effected, would have dismal consequences on the English subsystem of education. In the case of the University of Buea, for instance, should the harmonization come to fruition, the teaching of Common Law will be scrapped off. This will be a big slap to the cultural identity of peoples from Southern Cameroons.

The press statement from the groups were signed by Prof. James Arrey Abangma for SYNES, Tassang Wilfred on behalf of CATTU, Amuntung Joseph Tumasang for UPTA and Barrister Bobga Harmony on behalf of his common law peers, they urged “Anglophones of all walks of life to resist any continuous attempts to assimilate, ridicule marginalize and discriminate against them.” . BaretaNews is also adding its voice to call on all Anglophones to resist the move from the government. Resist and fight back.

However, BaretaNews still fails to understand why the government is fighting so hard to harmonise the education system to come up with a Cameroonian system. It is hard to imagine. They tried to harmonised the legal system and instead messed it up. Why is the government putting up such a stubborn attitude? Why are they so afraid of the pure Anglo-saxon system of education? When countries around the world are getting more into the Anglo-saxon system of education, Cameroun own government is trying hard to destroy the system which both peoples in the Cameroons cherished so much. What type of political points or scores is this regime trying to push and score?

Some other African countries such as Rwanda are dishing French for English, yet the Biya’s regime is only looking for ways to frustrate its people. BaretaNews is saddened that this is coming up again and again. It is our call to Common Law Lawyers, SYNES, CATTU and all Anglophones of goodwill to put on a strong statement and resist even if it means taking a very uncomfortable position that will shake the Biya regime and the very foundation of this so called Union.

The Biya’s regime is in the position of strength and it will need those concerns and/or clamouring for change to exhibit equal strength in numbers and unity to force the hand of the regime to dialogue.

This regime keeps pushing people towards the wall.

God is still saying something

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