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Updates from the Cameroons.

BaretaNews earlier today made mentioned of some set of photos making rounds on social media. These photos depict Francophone students running out of Lycee Molyko campus. We learned due to the stampede, two students were wounded. Information says, this came as a result of masked men sending the students out. They warned that next time it will not be only a stampede. While we decry and condemn these actions from the unknown persons, we again call on our parents not to risk the lives of their kids. Southern Cameroons is in a crisis and during a revolution, it is all or nothing principle.

However, there has been controversies over the pictures as the Principal of BGS Lycee Molyko debunked the information and pictures as false. BaretaNews correspondent in Buea after this controversy said something actually happened and he went there and spoke with one student. He said the security quickly intervened. He also spoke with a teacher who said he got to school to his french class and found no student. He made us to understand that the administration was hiding information and it was same when the science laboratory of the school was burnt.

Also, earlier today, our leaders were in court. BaretaNews correspondent in Yaounde followed the case and kept us posted. The case was finally adjourned to May 24th, 2017. However, it should be noted that some part of Southern Cameroons cities observed ghost towns today especially Bamenda. This was good to know though the leadership of the Consortium never called for Ghost towns today. They instead called for prayers and fasting for our leaders but it was good to know that some Southern Cameroonians feel the need to ghost their areas.

BaretaNews attention was also been drawn to the fact that Tataw Stephen, Cameroun Indomitable Lion captian who championed the National Team years back was in a critical condition and has been abandoned at his residence in Ekona. This rumour caused Political pundits to say that the Cameroun government should evacuate Tataw as they did to Ribobert Song. BaretaNews thereafter spoke with Tataw Stephen who debunked the rumour and said he is feeling fine and he is not sick.

This evening, the United Ambassador visited the Unity Palace. Mark Bareta, Southern Cameroons activist on his Facebook page made the following statement: ” This is the third time the United States Ambassador is visiting the Unity Palace within 6 months of this struggle. Whenever he goes there, he sounds exactly as one of Biya’s Ministers. We can see from his looks, composure, what comes out of his mouth etc. Following the words of Donald Trump, he looks “weakly” in doing the right thing when it comes to this struggle.

I hope the Ambassador is telling dictator Paul Biya, the right thing to do. I feel Paul Biya keeps inviting him to the Palace to boost his authority and influence and to make Southern Cameroonians feel weak. Mr. Biya just failed in this regard. If there is one thing Africans and this generation have come to realised is that Western government represents another Africa in a more advance form. When it comes to Africa, it is their gold mine. We only have to defend ourselves.

Mr. Ambassador should be reminding Paul Biya of the 1986 CIA classified document which says “Anglophones ” could pick up arms as the last option should their educational, legal and way of life be tempered with. We may not be far from that considering other groups calling for independence through self defence.

Be it as it may, the struggle continues. Mami Water Ghost towns on Monday 1st May. No Labour Celebrations…”

Let us continue to pray for our leaders and people in jail. Let us be clear that ONLY the release of ALL Southern Cameroonians shall soften the hearts of the people to even sit on a table for dialogue. Be it as it may, this struggle has been ordained by God and it continues.

Ghost towns and NO Labour Day celebrations on Monday, May 1st, 2017, the Consortium declared.

Stay tuned with BaretaNews.
Mark Bareta.
CEO, BaretaNews.

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