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Documenting Human Rights Violations in Southern Cameroons




Calling all human rights activists, lawyers, journalists, student lawyers and student journalists, civil rights activists, members of the security forces who believe in upholding respect for human rights and all concerned citizens resident in or currently in Southern Cameroons…

If you or your loved ones; if your friends or your neighbors; if anyone you know has experienced, witnessed, photographed, filmed, videotaped, and/or otherwise documented acts of human rights violations in the course of the ongoing strikes and political strife unfolding at this moment in the Cameroons…

If you have hard evidence in your possession; if you have documented fellow members of the security forces perpetrated human rights violations; if you can witness to or report acts of human rights violations…

If you have already witnessed and documented acts of human rights violations on your phone or on your camera and other means.

If you yourself have been a victim of human rights violations…

And if you pledge total honesty and commit to maintaining the integrity and credibility of this effort by sticking to facts and nothing but facts in your reporting…

If you would like to participate in a major initiative launching right now to document and report on human rights violations in Southern Cameroons (evidence of some of which has flooded the Internet and social media over the past few days)…

Then, kindly send an email to Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert advertising your interest in contributing to the success of this initiative which will include producing a film on these violations; and by Also indicating what acts you have witnessed or documented. The email address is:

If you have been a victim of human rights violations since the strikes and political upheaval began, thanks for sending an email to the same account.

For anyone accepting to participate, please be informed that we do not want to put you in harm’s way. Do not expose yourself to danger by trying to film or document such acts. Be safe.

Depending on the availability of funds which are being mobilized at this moment, we may be able to provide a token (including financial compensation) for some of the reports, photos, videos, etc. that you provide. Protecting and defending human rights is everyone’s business and we owe it to the democratic society we hope to build one day to fight rights abuses and impunity of all kinds.

Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh)

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